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How to Teach English in Thailand with TESOL Certification

If you want to take up a TESOL course in Chiang Mai, the below information is helpful.



TESOL Certification

TESOL training course is a program for teachers, which prepares them to teach English to other language speakers globally. English is fast becoming a language for everyone in the 21st century; thus, the demand for TESOL teachers is high.

TESOL requires 120 hours, either in class or online training. Class sessions are preferred as it equips you with practical experience as you practise teaching in front of a classroom. Upon graduation, get comfortable to work with pupils. If you choose to learn online, you can do it from anywhere in the world and at your preferred time, which is more affordable.

How to get a job as an English Teacher in Thailand

To be an English teacher in Thailand, you must have a valid TESOL certification regardless of whether you are from a different country. However, those who have passports from Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK have an added advantage as the Thai government recognizes them as native speakers.

If you want to increase your chances of securing a teaching position, it is advisable to settle in Thailand before application. You can search for teaching opportunities online alternatively, you can take your CV from school to school. Hiring mostly takes place before each term, between May and March.

Overview of Salary Information

Most teachers’ salaries range from 30,000 to 40,000 Thai baht per month in public and private schools. Teachers can comfortably live well due to the low costs of living, especially for those outside Bangkok. Some teachers have a monthly budget in a range of about $300 to $80, meaning that they can have some good savings. Salaries will also differ with the type of school you teach; for instance, the international school pays higher. Teachers in these schools have more requirements and qualifications like a license or QTS; thus, the salary range is from 60,000- 115000 Tbh per month. You can also teach in training centres or private tutoring where they pay 300 to 500 Tbh per hour.

Depending on your job and location, you can enjoy other benefits. Some schools will offer housing allowance or private apartments beside the regular salary, which is an advantage, especially for the non-natives. Health insurance is also provided to full-time employees, where the employer pays 3% of the income. Bonuses are also given as a form of incentive mostly as an end of contract bonus; those who sign additional contracts will also have a pay rise.

Which city to Consider

Thailand is a top priority for English teachers in Asia and the world that offers numerous opportunities in different cities. The most common of them are Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Isaan, and Krabi town. Amongst them, Chiang Mai standouts out as its more relaxed, Quitter, and lovely to live in, coupled with a more authentic cultural way of life. Getting a teaching job is also less remunerative, and teachers vary from fresh graduates to pensioners. Chiang Mai is the perfect place to do a TESOL training course and start teaching in Thailand, to begin your teaching career and live among experts.

Chiang Mai is surrounded by ancient rice fields, temples, and traditional markets. The lifestyle is also adventurous due to the surroundings; you can enjoy various recreational activities around like mountain hiking and water rafting. The climate is conducive, creating a perfect learning attitude; your students are more relaxed; thus, you will find it easier to teach. The cost of housing is low; you can get a guest house at around 1000 baht per week or condo apartments ranging from 2000 to 9000 baht per week. Malls and department stores are also available for all shopping needs and are open even at night. The cities offer various opportunities in various universities, vocational colleges, international schools, language schools, public, and public schools.


TESOL certification is the most recognized tool for teaching non-natives the English language. Teaching in Thailand is a fantastic opportunity; you will surely have a world-changing experience to see the world and gain valuable skills as you adjust to a new culture, language, and country. If you want to take up a TESOL course in Chiang Mai, the above information is helpful.


This article comes courtesy of Seu TESOL, one of the leading TESOL Training Centre in Chiang Mai. Their TESOL courses include life-practice required by most quality schools, provide their graduates with the Internationally recognised 10695NAT Certificate IV, accredited and monitored by the Australian Language Training Institute (LTi), who in turn is accredited by Australian Education Ministry.


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