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How to Start a Successful Cleaning Company and Keep it Among the Elite

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How to Start a Successful Cleaning Company and Keep it Among the Elite

Every beginning is hard, but it seems to be even more difficult when you want to start a cleaning company. In this case, you will need to have a strong plan, think about competition and how you can use the technology for developing your business.

A part of the challenge will also be to provide the best home cleaning services at decent prices, so that you will find customers. The first thoughts and statistics are not encouraging, but don’t worry! You can succeed in this area if you follow some steps.

  • A strong business plan can save you a lot of trouble and unpredicted situations. It’s important to set a direction for your business and stick to it;
  • If you don’t know your competition, you won’t be able to use their weaknesses in your advantage;
  • A legendary customer service will get you people’s trust and increase your number of ”club members”;
  • We are living in the digital area, so why shouldn’t you use technology for making things easier? Modern tools, like a janitorial software, will increase your company’s effectiveness and bring you visibility.

Now that you’ve started the business, it’s important to keep your promise and make sure that your customers get exactly what they pay for. Of course, you have set your own set of rules and your offer and prices have to be clear from the beginning. Now you have to make sure that your services follow all the legal, ethical and professional standards.

If you are still writing your business plan, here are some examples of what customers expect to find in a home cleaning company’s offer. Firstly, you could include services for cleaning before or after moving in or out. Also, the basic line should reach regular or deep cleaning for the entire house

  • If customers want their bedroom, living room and common areas cleaned, the minimum requirements are: cobwebs, ceiling fans, baseboards, window ledges, light switched, door knobs, dusting, vacuuming and moping and taking out the trash;
  • For the kitchen, the basic cleaning package should include: the stove top and fan, counter tops, the microwave and its inside, the appliances’ and cabinets’ exterior, sinks and all other surfaces people use for cooking;
  • A successful cleaning business owner doesn’t forget about the bathrooms either. In this case, you should think about sanitizing the toilets, sinks, countertops, cabinets’ exterior, tubs and/or showers and mirror;
  • If you really want to beat the competition, you should think about adding some extras upon request. For example, you could do the laundry (with or without folding included), house organization, clean the window blinds with wet wipes, do the dishes, wash the fridge and oven on the inside or offer some green cleaning options.

It’s up to you to give your first customers reasons to come and bring some friends. Good luck!

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