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How to Get Motivated to Do Your Homework: Tips from Experts



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Have you ever wondered how to stop procrastinating and start studying? Here are the tips on how to get motivated to do homework from the best experts. Motivation, by definition of psychologists, is a state (a set of internal and external driving forces), which induces a person to direct his or her activities towards a certain goal.

That is, to put it simply, if we have motivation for some action, it prompts us to implement it, if there is no motivation, then either we do nothing or the actions do not bring us pleasure.

So how to get motivated to do homework? experts offer several simple but effective steps.

#1 Define Why You Do Not Want To Do Your Homework

There is no such thing as laziness. You do not do something because subconsciously you do not see the point of it, or you are afraid you will not succeed or something else. So try to find out what it is. Define your problem, and this will help you to fight it.

#2 Make Homework Interesting

“I have to study, but studying is so boring,” are those your thoughts? It’s true that not every student finds pleasure in standard teaching – reading books and doing an in-depth research. But it’s also true that learning can be more than that. Haven’t you ever had a new teacher making a boring lesson interesting? That’s because the approach has a big impact.

Back to homework, the easiest thing we can offer you is to call a friend and solve problems together.

#3 Promise Yourself a Reward for Completed Task

Let’s take a scientific approach. It may work like this:

  1. You did something.
  2. After you finish it, you get something.

Do it a few times, and your brain will get used to one thing following another. The trick is to make this thing enjoyable. Like, candy. Or an hour of computer games.

In this case, even before it becomes a regular award, it will please you. And it’s quite a good motivation to solve algebra if you can then go out with a friend, is not it?

#4 Create Pleasant and Inspiring Environment

The place where you study is very important. Imagine yourself with books outdoors, under a big tree, just like Rory Gilmore in the Gilmore Girls. Aren’t you immediately inspired to read them?

Of course, it’s always like in movies, and you’ll have to work anyway, but the program is at least to make you feel comfortable, good and everything is at hand. Arrange such a space in your room; it will be your office corner, in which you will immediately adjust to your homework.

#5 Set Your Goal

You’re probably wondering what the goal is if it’s to do your homework. But the truth is, it’s much deeper than that.

Homework is designed to help you repeat what you learned at school or college, explore something on your own, practice your tasks. In other words, you improve your skills. So the question is why do you need those skills.

If you’re in school, you probably need the skills for general education and college entrance. If you’re in college, then to get a profession. These are global goals.

They can be divided into small goals: you won’t get in if you don’t pass your exams, and you won’t pass your exams if you don’t do your homework. So you’re motivated to do it.

#6 Make It a Habit

The schedule sounds like a boring thing, but it’s actually very effective. Think about all the things you do every day: brushing your teeth and making your bed. Do you think about how to motivate yourself for these tasks (except for the days when you’re sick and tired)? No, because it’s a habit. Homework has to be a habit, too.

But to make it work, you need a plan.

Do not sign all day at once, because it will be difficult to start living according to the schedule at once. Start with an easy one: set a task every day at the same time to do your homework. During the first three weeks, don’t slack off and do the task honestly (remember the award and use other tips from our list). At some point, this will become a normal thing to do.

If the advice does not suit you, it may not be about motivation, but lack of time or difficulty of the task. In these cases, remember that it is not a shame to ask for help. For example, experts from the service will always be happy to help you to pass your exams.


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