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How to Find the Best Detox and Rehab Facility in Florida

“Above all Florida has a wide array of Rehab and Detox facilities, focusing on treating all the human aspects, not just the addiction”



florida rehab and detox

One of the most important decisions when you or a loved one decides between alcohol and drug rehab in Florida is to choose between residential and outpatient rehabilitation. Most people will tend to go for the outpatient option because they believe it’s less expensive and more comfortable.

This is sometimes correct, but the statistics show otherwise for those opting for the residential treatments. Statistics show less risk to relapse long-term with residential treatment. All in all, Florida has a wide array of residential treatment facilities. Focusing on treating all the human aspects, not just the addiction. Holistic treatment is achieved by developing a customized plan for every individual. Above all so they can get care and treatment required for a successful recovery.

Most of these facilities provide gender-specific plans which equip patients with individual skills. Even more to identify triggers leading to substance and alcohol abuse. As well as coping with them without relapsing. Generally, Florida has recovery centers for everyone. Below are some of the top-rated rehab in Florida.

Detox of South Florida

When you’ve given up on the life of drug or alcohol addiction, you need to find the best partner. A partner to walk with you through the recovery journey. Florida has numerous rehab centers, making it challenging to sort through all of them and get the best one. You require a facility that addresses your specific needs and circumstances. The reasons why Detox of South Florida should be your number one option are outlined briefly.

The facility is centrally located, making it close to your home. Hence, you won’t incur extra travel costs and are closer to your friends and family members. The center has qualified, experienced, compassionate, and professional staff who are committed to your recovery journey.

The facility also accepts insurance coverage, provides personal care and support, occupational post-detox therapy, and is at your service 24/7. The facility has continued to set standards in the rehabilitation field by offering numerous unique recovery programs such as the veteran rehab program, in-patient rehab, and more.

 Beaches Rehab Facility in Florida

This is an in-patient rehab center focusing on people struggling with addiction. This center offers a supportive and luxurious environment for the recovery journey. Patients have to undergo an assessment with the help of professionals to develop a treatment plan best suited to their specific needs and medicine.

This facility has several treatment programs that include expressive art therapy, individual and group therapy, educational drug addiction therapy, EDMR therapy, and relapse prevention classes.

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, Naples, Florida

This foundation is an in-patient and abstinence-based twelve-step recovery plan for patients addicted to alcohol and drugs. This center combines educational lectures, individual therapy, group therapy, and special focus groups to assist patients in overcoming their addiction. Every treatment plan is unique to the particular patient and aims to the mental and physical health, as well as mending the family and personal relationships affected by the addiction.

There are numerous alcohol and substance treatment and rehabilitation facilities in Florida. They vary in different ways, from costs to success rates. It can be a daunting task to sort through all these, and that’s why the above list at gives you the best three options to consider on your way to recovery.

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