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How to Deal With Mixed Emotions and Pre-College Nerves



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Pre-college nerves are real among most people. The mixed emotions of going to college for the first time are always full of excitement and are terrifying too. The easy part is the applications, rejections and acceptances, and the final decisions on where you want to go to college.

Preparing to go to college is the next step. As you pack your bags, you always wonder what college will be like, the friends you will meet, how to stay away from home, among other things.

All these positive and negatives that you may have heard or seen on movies should not make you fear but give you the psyche to go to college and make your next few years there worthwhile and memorable.

Therefore, do not be nervous as to how you will cope. Below are ways on how you can deal with pre-college nerves.

Get information about college

When the time to leave draws closer, and your nerves are not helping at all. It is best to speak to a college student you know and also visit sites that give information on how to go through college and survive it as a first-timer.

Getting first-hand information from a college student and listening to their stories about freshman year it will make you feel better and make you less nervous.

Getting information from college students is best as they are a reliable source who will tell you the dos and don’ts according to their personal views.

However, ensure that you consult from various college students that go to different colleges to get a broader idea.

Have a plan to ease Pre-College nerves

When you have a plan in mind you never go wrong. Especially when you have the orientation program, be-friend your roommate to accompany you and also sign up in many organizations to make you busy. Also, this will give you an opening to meet new people and know your college better.

The beauty of college is meeting new people and you need a plan that you can stick to that will get you out of the room. Be intentional and open-minded about what to expect and be ready to experience a lot of things.

Don’t keep any anonymity while sharing your experiences on the college portals as this could be a chance for you to showcase your thoughts and personal opinions.

Attend school-related events

Although not many college students will encourage you to attend school-related events and also orientation. You must attend them to get familiar with your college and know what your campus has to offer. Here too, you will learn of where to go for help and also meet the advisers who have critical information concerning the college.

In case there are meetups before you go to college. Attend this as well and meet your future classmates, alumni, and ongoing students who will give you the much-needed information.

Polish your housekeeping skills before school

The lack of the most basic skills of living away from home may make you more nervous as you have no one to sort your laundry for you. Hence, it is best to learn or polish the necessary skills that you will require for a flawless life in college. For instance, doing your laundry, preparing simple meals, and other housekeeping skills that are a must learn.

When you are confident that you can handle these tasks, you will be less nervous that you cannot handle handling some simple chores.

Get familiar with your future college friends

When you already know a person by their faces and names, it becomes easier to bond with them. So, meeting your classmates in person may not be possible. However, you can search your school through social media and follow through to the conversations.

When you are part of this, for instance, their Facebook group, it will calm your nerves as you will feel like you are a part of them. Even though you are a silent follower. Also, it will give you a heads up on what to expect and you will find others who are as nervous as you.

To sum up, there is a lot more than you can do to deal with pre-college nervous. Other than the above, you can also try to put the energy from your nervousness to do something more meaningful. Since, if other people could do it, you can also do it. Thus, be ready to go back to school mode and enjoy the next four years of college life.

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