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How to Choose the Right Shock Absorbers for Your Vehicle



Car Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorbers are a very vital part of a vehicle that is designed to absorb shocks when a car passes on rough ground or bumps on the road. It provides good grip and reduces shocks within the car to make the driver and passengers more relaxed and calm. It is a pipe that contains a piston and some hydraulic fluid.

Shock Absorbers

How does a Shock Absorber work?

When the car is moving, the piston moves up and down. The liquid in the piston passes through the minor holes which are present on it. Because of the small holes, the liquid which is passing is very small. This slows down the piston, which decreases the movement of the spring and suspension.

The Task of a Shock Absorber:

In detail, the shock absorbers do not absorb the power of the shock; rather, they delegate this task to the springs, which are part of the car’s suspension system. Whenever the wheel of a car passes through a rough surface, it rises. The suspension spring compresses and stores energy, and the people sitting in the car do not feel any abnormal tremors.

Due to the shock, kinetic energy is produced, which is converted to heat by the springs. Now, this energy is required to be released, which is the task of a shock absorber. Finally, the springs return to their original length, the car’s stability remains, and the driver and passengers travel comfortably.

Shock Absorber types


Types of Shock Absorbers:

Types of shock absorbers are categorized by two standards, one “design” and the other “working fluid (hydraulic oil).” There are mainly three types of shock absorbers, “Two-pipe Hydraulic,” “Double-pipe Gas” and “Single-pipe Gas” Shock Absorbers,” as follows:

Two-pipe Hydraulic Shock Absorbers:

These are the most typical as well as inexpensive types of shock absorbers. The structure of this kind is quite simple. It is made up of two cylinders called “Internal Tube” and “External Tube.”

The Internal Tube consists of a piston and the active fluid, where the fluid moves with the help of the piston.

The External (Outer) Tube works as a reservoir for the working fluid – internally and externally.

The advantage of Two-pipe Hydraulic Shock Absorbers is that the driver and passengers of the car feel additional comfort because of the smooth drive. Another benefit is the price of the shock absorber, which is quite reasonable.

On the other side, Two-pipe Hydraulic Shock Absorbers also have some disadvantages. One of them is that oil and foam are overheated by the rapid movement of the piston. As a result, the capability of the shock absorber to command the wheel’s movement is reduced. This may happen, especially you are driving on a very rough surface.

Double-pipe Gas Shock Absorbers:

In this type, the external pipe is top up with one portion of Nitrogen gas and other hydraulic oil; both are below pressure. Gas obstructs the creation of the bubble in the oil, which stops the mixing of oil and air, hence bubbling and boiling.

Gas Shock Absorbers

Single-pipe Gas Shock Absorbers:

These are considered standard shock absorbers. This type has tubes consisting of compressed gas and has two pistons inside. In this case, a single tube can be mounted in any position, but the two pistons are designed the same as the two-pipe Hydraulic Shock Absorbers design. In Single-pipe Gas Shock, Absorbers piston controls compression and widening. This means these do not own a base valve.

An advantage of Single-pipe Gas Shock Absorbers is installing these in some position without influencing their process. Another merit is that they are quickly and simply cooled because the tube is open to the air.

There are two main disadvantages of this type of shock absorber. First, these are more expensive, and secondly, if damaged, they can’t be repaired and replaced.

Shock Absorbers to Select:

There are certain factors to be considered when choosing shock absorbers as your car, which choose between two types, quality of roads, price of shock absorber, model and make of car, branded items, material, and models of shock absorbers. Some of those are explained below:

 Shock Absorbers

Choose between two types

Between Two-pipe and Single-pipe shock absorbers, it is better to choose Two-pipe.

Quality of Roads:

If you drive at normal highways or streets, oil and gas shock absorbers are most suitable, but if you mostly drive on uneven roads or paths, gas shock absorbers are more appropriate for your car.

Price of Shock Absorber:

You don’t change the shock absorbers very often, hence don’t compromise on price.  Shock absorbers with slightly higher prices with generic names are better for the durability of your car.

Model and Make of Car:

Before you choose to buy and install the most suitable shock absorbers, you should be sure that they are well-matched with your model and make of your car and, if not sure, get the work done by an expert mechanic.

Branded Items:

People make a mistake just to save money; they decide to purchase unbranded and unpopular shock absorbers. After few months, they realize their mistake, therefore always go to buy and change branded ones.

Material of Shock Absorbers:

Shock Absorbers are made up of different materials; some of them are durable and others not. Consult your expert mechanic or other professional before you go for a change.

Also, take care of the following points:

  1. Try to avoid oil shock absorbers.
  2. Before you replace the shock absorbers of your car, check further suspension components and change damaged components.
  3. If you are not an expert on shock absorbers, consult and get them changed by an experienced mechanic.


Shock absorbers have their importance in a car, as they not only provide comfort to the driver and passengers but also prevent damage to other parts of the body. When traveling, rough paths and roads can make you uncomfortable due to strong vibrations, and your car behaves unstable. This may cause a safety hazard. Hence shock absorbers have the function to absorb the shocks to provide you a comfortable and safe journey.

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