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How To Build a Garden Office



garden office

Building a garden office can be pricy, but there are some ways to keep the cost down. Here are a few things to consider before starting:

Working from home can be tiring. Not having your work colleagues around to motivate (or distract) you are a challenge, and many of us do not have a spare room to use as our workspace.

In particular, for those of us that have children in the household, the noise and distractions can negatively impact our work performance. This is why some people have been turning to their gardens in search of a workspace.

Location and foundation

Before you start thinking about what the office will be built out of, let’s first consider the foundation on which we’re building on. Using a tool hire can be handy for preparing the foundation. For example, we can look to mini digger hire if we want to level the floor and dig up soil.

Trees, underground pipes and wiring must be considered here too. Try and figure out what you can do more and cut down, and what you cannot. Remember that you will need to leave a space between the office and the fence so you can get around all four sides. Also, if you’re directly under a tree, you’re going to have a lot of leaves and mess fall on it, making it harder to clean.

Next, you will be playing plinth supports, ensuring there’s popper drainage, and building a solid floor foundation.

Your options for an office

Generally, there are three options to build an office in a garden. You can build it from scratch using materials such as OSB board, stud work, stick timber, cladding, insulation and plasterboard, as well as felt roofing and corner posts. It’s possible for beginners to do this, but it needs a lot of time and tool hire. Depending on the materials you use, you must consider planning permissions.

The next two options are similar, you purchase a log cabin shed or a garden office from a store that sells sheds. A log cabin will generally be larger for the money, but it may not be insulated and ready for the winter.

Garden offices can be delivered to the garden and installed yourself with relative ease. They’re fully insulated, tongue and grove, and can have secure windows and doors that are double glazed with secure locks and doors. This is important when storing computers, monitors, and so on.

Of course, cheaper garden offices, and in particular the log cabins, will not be as secure. All three options can be placed onto your level foundation, which is a prerequisite.

Whatever option you go for, electricity will be an absolute priority. Make sure the office is wired to your home’s electricity, which is worth outsourcing unless you’re using an extension cable.

Final Word

It’s possible to build a secure and insulated garden office for under £10,000, including the foundation. However, it may also be possible to build one under £5,000 with a bit of DIY insulating and improvised security measures.



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