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How the World’s Leading Passport Forger was Caught in Thailand

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BANGKOK – A fascinating new documentary has revealed how Thailand’s Immigration Bureau arrested key players of a forgery gang. The supplied forged passports of the highest quality to foreign criminals.

Forging a New Identity by Channel News Asia recounts the arrest in 2016 of Iranian, Hamid Reza Jafary.

Nicknamed the ‘The Doctor’, Jafary was a highly skilled passport forger who was wanted in several countries. including Thailand, Britain, France, New Zealand and Australia.

Jafary ran his passport forgery network for almost twenty years. He evade arrest as police were unable to properly identify him,  as he traveled using a variety of fake passports. Moving regularly from one location to another.

Hamid “The Doctor” for Forged Passports was Arrested in Bangkok in February 2016.

doctor passport forger

Thai Authorities arrested “the Doctor” with over hundreds forged passports and highly sophisticated forging devices.

The documentary also reveals the challenges Thailand’s Immigration Bureau faces on a daily basis. Trying to combat the illicit trade and the links it has to organized crime. It also shows why the Thai authorities installed biometric scanning equipment at all points of entry.

Jafary :The Doctor” speaks candidly in the interview from jail in Thailand. Saying he “only helped” people in need, such as refugees and migrants. Escaping hardship in their own country in search of a better life overseas.

However, the documentary states “The Doctor” sold his ‘Triple A’ quality counterfeit passports to anyone who could pay. Including gangsters, drug traffickers and even people with connections to terrorists.

Source: Thai Visa


Documentary Forging a New Identity | Undercover Asia

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