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How the Knowledge of Writing Can Change Your Life



When I was younger, I had favorite storybooks and characters, many of whom were my muses. I remember how I wished I’d been born a prince since they always had it so easy – talk about fair princesses and rich heritage.

In those early years, I wasn’t a bright reader; my mother would always read to me. Years later, I would understand that reading and writing were two sides of the same coin.

It became more vivid to me that I could compete better as a student if I had a firm grip on reading and maybe writing. Later on, I nurtured a career in politics, and I knew my writing had to topnotch if I needed to influence people and improve lives.

At age 17, I had become one of the finest writers in my peer group, thanks to the novelettes and mentorship groups I signed up for. Even better, I started earning stipends writing essays for older students while refining my writing skills. To impact more lives, I signed up as a tutor on Essaysmatch, where I earned as I learned and shared knowledge.

Nonetheless, writing became second nature, and I gradually unfolded into a fine young man with a sound mind excellent negotiation skills, self-discipline, self-knowledge, and prowess in decision-making.

Little did I know writing had changed my life in more ways than I could be grateful for:

  • Scaling through the university – I graduated summa cum laude from my Literature class; while others spent months on their thesis, I completed mine in weeks, which gave me an edge to submit a well-refined paper.
  • Getting a job – My persuasive cover letters got me an invite to almost every job I applied for, and the recruiters confessed that I was very irresistible.
  • Executive seat in sales – I was an excellent salesman because of my ability to pitch to clients.
  • Championing my political career – When I started my blog, I churned out brilliant articles that bought me recognition amongst bloggers. I hit my first six-figure mark in earnings, and I watched my career spiral upwards.

While I was at work, I met several bright writers whose writing dexterity was as distinct as mine. It wasn’t magical that we had many writing orders from struggling students and people in the business. During my time at work, I learned that writing alone could impact lives and turn your finances around. No matter your career level, writing is that one-of-a-kind skills that could secure a place for you in the future.

Relating my experience, here are some tips that aided my writing skill:

  • Set a goal, whether short-term or long-term.
  • Read as hard as you study and scribble notes intermittently
  • Set a writing reminder as often as you can
  • Have a favorite app that eases your writing
  • Scribble notes every day so that you don’t lose sights of ideas
  • Set low bars – you may begin with 500 words in a day and proceed to write 1000 words in a week
  • Eliminate any distractions




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