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How Science is Turning CO2 into Cash

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CO2 emissions have been a pressing matter in industry ever since people began thinking about the environment. It’s no secret that CO2 emissions are heating the atmosphere and that steps are needed to reduce the CO2 output of the entire world, and by a lot as well.

And while some experts are looking to reduce the emissions by employing new methods when creating certain products, other experts have been working on ways to convert the already created greenhouse gasses to something that people can use.

There are new firms popping up all over the world which are taking CO2 and converting it to new products, effectively creating a negative CO2 output while making cash as well. It would seem ironic that the best way to get rid of a gas that has been created mostly by the production industry, would be to create more industry plants which create more thing.

Of course, this comes with the caveat, because you actually need to create factories that take CO2 and then turn it into something else while not creating more CO2 in the process or at least creating less of it than you’re using for your products.

There are young companies which have found plenty of ways that we can convert this harmful gas to something productive. Not only that, but these products themselves are created for industries which use products while also making more CO2 in the process.

We’re going to go over some of the best and most innovative solutions to the CO2 problem in the industry which are already making money for some firms. Here are our picks for the top three products which are produced with carbon dioxide.

The first company we’re mentioning is CCm Technologies, Swindon which is creating fertilizer out of CO2. The fertilizer industry creates a lot of carbon dioxide because the process itself needs a lot of fuel to run it. This company, however, takes the already created carbon dioxide and put it into its bio mixture which then binds all the necessary ingredients into a fertilizer while absorbing the gas itself in the process.

The second innovative way to reduce the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere comes from a company by the nameof Carbon 8 Aggregates which is a company in the UK. It takes CO2 and puts it into building blocks. The amazing thing about this is that the building process would normally require you to create more carbon and use it, but this need is effectively eliminated here.

Finally, there’s Strutt and Parker Farms, which is a company that takes CO2 and refines it so that it can be used to fizzy up beer. These beers not only taste phenomenal, but they’re really good for the environment as well. You should definitely treat yourself to one and feel good about helping the earth in its battle against pollution. After all that drinking you can also treat yourself to some asian adult websites too.

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