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How Millennials Can Bring Your Business Success and Brand Awareness

How do you draw in people to your store or service? By marketing. But what does it mean in 2019? What is enough or not enough? And what is the role of millennials in all of those?

Marketing in 2019 is a challenge all of us face. The more experienced you are, the harder it is to accept the way the traditional management process has changed. The digital revolution and the millennials with their role in it have changed everything the world knew about advertising and marketing in general.

Today, if you want your business to be successful, no matter whether it is a website developing, designing, writing, hairdressing, or providing all online casinos for Malaysian players service, you have to think about marketing to millennials. Even if they are not your audience, think about having them as an essential part of your customer base.

Millennials can bring your business success and brand awareness. We are talking about financial success as well (millions of dollars). But they are not the easiest customers to reach. They require an absolutely different approach than any other generation. The way modern marketing strategies have changed is insane. So, what this type of marketing is all about? How to connect with millennials and get profitable traffic to your website/business?

How to Sell Products/Services to Millennials


Have you ever heard about Instagram influencer marketing? If you are 22-37 years old millennial, you definitely understand what we are talking about.

Instagram influencer marketing is one of the newest tactics of e-commerce. Though it is one of the newest marketing strategies, it has already become one of the most popular ones. Everything from perfumes, bags, vitamins to expensive cars and international hospitality companies is advised by Instagram influencers. Initially, Instagram was just another social media platform to share photographs and thoughts. Today, it is a part of digital marketing.

This way of selling and promoting are targeted to millennials specifically. Why? Online content is the only possible way to reach this particular audience fast. Millennials discuss products online mainly. Social media and Instagram particularly take the largest percentage. Statistics show millennials spend almost an hour a day on Instagram. In general, over 800 million people visit Instagram each month. Impressive, isn’t it?

So, how exactly can you reach millennials through Instagram? How to sell and promote effectively?

  • The world of influencers. Selling on Instagram is not just about selling online. You have to find a way of doing this in the most effective way possible. Find an influencer to promote your products. Having an official page on social media isn’t enough. Someone has to promote it. Hire an influencer who already has the number of followers that is your potential audience too.
  • A connection between a company and an audience. Influencers help companies to connect with their audiences. Your brand’s message doesn’t have to come from your brand directly. Be creative. Attract influencers to that process too. It is going to feel more natural and authentic to the audience.
  • Also give and get recommendations. Millennials use Instagram to give and get recommendations on products and services they want to use. Promoting your brand in this way does not actually feel like an ad. It is more like a friend recommendation instead. And that is welcomed better.

Millennials are the generation that definitely changes the way companies interact with their consumers. They change the way companies promote themselves out there. That’s why any small, big, or experienced business should care about them and take into account the trends they set. Even more the way millennials are engaged with brands today is absolutely different from what was nine or ten years ago.



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