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How a Car Accident Attorney Can Prove a Driver Ran the Stop Sign



Car Accident Attorney

How Can a Car Accident Attorney Help You Prove Another Driver Ran a Stop Sign and Caused an auto Accident Attorney? Collisions at intersections are one of the many kinds of car accidents. They can be a bit difficult to judge, as you are never sure about the person who is at fault for the accident.

Various circumstances can cause an accident, and if you get hit by another driver running a stop sign in an accident, then you need to consult a Montana car accident attorney who can help prove that you are not the guilty one.

Below is some information that your attorney can always use to help you strengthen your position in a car accident case:

Police Reports for Your Car Accident Attorney

Police have to form a report about all the things related to an accident once they have been there. You asking for the copy of that report will help you a lot. Or, if the police did not come and your report was filed at the police station later, you can still receive the copy before investigators reach out.

These reports hold the opinions and observations of the officer regarding the accident. So it has information about liability, too. You can also ask them to make corrections in the report if there are any factual errors with the details in it. Each police department has its own regulations and codes when objecting to a statement, but you can always consult with your car accident attorney about it.

Police reports are, therefore, one of the essential evidence you can have for further investigations to your insurance company.

Traffic Laws

Vehicle codes are another great source of proving that the other driver was at fault. You can go through these traffic laws under the name ‘Rules of the Road’ online also at different government websites, public law forums, and libraries. Find the rule that suits your case, and you can always go to negotiate the argument with the other driver’s representatives like their attorney and the insurance company.

Car Accidents Accountability

There are various sorts of car accidents where it is evident that there is just one driver’s fault. In such cases, insurance companies and other authorities hardly argue much about which driver is liable and which one should get the settlement:

Rear-End Collisions

These accidents are one of the most common ones. It is never your fault when a car hits you from behind. There is nothing to argue about when one car’s front and another car’s back is damaged. Everybody gets a fair idea about who to blame.

However, the other driver can make a third driver culprit of pushing him in the first place or not leaving enough room for him, causing you to stop all of a sudden. Such statements do not affect his responsibility towards you, though. Your negligence might also be the possible reason for the collision, and you may have a slight difference in favor from the authorities.

Left-Turn Collisions

Although left-turn crashes tell you that the driver who took the left turn is all to blame if there was a car speeding straight while passing through an intersection or skipping to stop on a red light signal, all or at least some of the accountability may switch to it.

You never know how petty of an car accident attorney can take you through severe traumas and procedures. If you ever experience this, receive medical attention as soon as possible and consult a car accident attorney then.


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