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Horoscope a Year Ahead Report for 2017





Aries:  This year you are on a path leading towards financial & material security. This will likely be a pleasant chapter of your life, wherein your emotional & spiritual needs are satisfied. This is an excellent year for work.

Taurus: This year be prepared to make a major decision in your life, likely one that will shape the next chapter of your life. Things may be tense at work, think before you speak.

Gemini:  This year you are likely to be feeling quite energetic & positive. You may make the decision or be in the process of leaving a job that no longer works for you. This year your financial condition is likely to be much better than usual.

Cancer: This year expect a setback in your life, almost certainly emotional. In certain positions it might also refer to events of the past which continue to cause regret. Messages of love & affection are likely to be coming your way.

Leo: Some people that you have counted on as being there for you may no longer be there in quite the same way. If you are looking for love this year, you are likely to meet someone. Keep your eyes open. Someone may not be being completely honest with you in regard to finances.

Virgo:  This year may be a woman or an old age person in your life is very much supportive of you. Your long term relationship is going to end this year.

Libra:   if you are unhappy in your current work, know that you hold the key to changing it. Messages of love & affection are likely to be coming your way this year.  This is definitely not the right year to gamble or to loan money.

Scorpio:  This year just make sure that doing the right thing includes doing what is right for you personally & not just worrying about the wants & needs of others. This is an excellent year for work that involves some level of creativity.

Sagittarius: This year you may have the feeling that you are not in control of your life. You may find things going much better at work. If you are looking for love, this year you may find someone who is very balanced & loving headed. Your financial tide is turning for the better, if you have been struggling.

Capricorn: This year you need some time & space to yourself.  Very positive year for your career. If you are currently in a committed relationship, it may well rise to new & better heights soon.

Aquarius:  if you are the one tending to jump to conclusion, you can put a stop to it. This year you are going to get a great deal accomplished successfully in a short period of time. With regard to love, this year points to the responsibility & duty that is part of any love relationship.

 Pisces: This year you may need to change something major about your behavior, thoughts or expectations.  Things are probably better in your working world this year. This is a year to be conservative when it comes to financial transactions & decisions. If you are investing put your money in conservative stocks/bonds/money market with really good track records.


By Pratibhha Bisht

Tarot Card Reader and Numerologist

Contact no: +91 7065561883

E-mail address: [email protected]

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