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Great Ways to Make Your Drab Home Office Look Cool

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A home office doesn’t actually have to look like an old solicitor’s style-free chambers, or worse, a dorm room. Aspiring entrepreneurs might not put a lot of thought to the design of the home office, when there are more important things like building a business in mind. However, after a while, a generic home office could end up looking just as insufferable as a corporate office.

Improving the looks of your insipid home office offers you many benefits. First, you would actually like spending time there and working. It could function as a great setting for your professional photos. More importantly, if you ever need to meet a client in person, you can invite them and woo them with a cool design.

Without further ado, here’s what you can do to make your home office look stunning:

Paint It Bold

Don’t be afraid of a home office with an unconventional look. Such styles may reflect your personality as an innovative achiever. One of the best ways to give your home office a radically new makeover is to paint it.

As simple as it sounds, unusual and bolder colours can give your home office a brand new character. Instead of going for the regular old white, consider colours like purple, light orange, or even yellow. Decorate the rest of the room accordingly.

If your home business has a logo, you can incorporate those colours into the office room as well. With the right hue combination, your tiny home office could look as good as the headquarters for Apple or Google.

Install Bigger Windows

Does your workspace look like an underground chamber because of tiny windows? Smaller sizes may keep you warm in winter, but these would also hinder natural sunlight. A dingy office would never look good, no matter how well you’ve designed it.

To literally brighten up your workspace, consider buying bigger, better windows. This can be expensive, but you can keep the prices down with local products, such as windows in Edmonton. Size is important, but so is the frame. A good looking frame and big glass slabs can make your home office shinier and more pleasant.

When purchasing new frames, make sure you do the replacement windows measuring right. Bigger frames would be great, but only if it makes budgetary and structural sense to install.

Include Artwork

Artwork can transform even the most unremarkable home office into a breathtaking working space. You can hang up paintings, place ornamental decorations, and even use artistic office furniture. Your home office can look chic or creative depending on your choices.

And it’s not that difficult to find art. It’s easy to stumble across great ornamental decorations at local thrift shops or online speciality stores. You can purchase art for cheap from students. Finding what you like won’t be difficult or expensive.

Add a Rug

Redoing the floor for a room can be very expensive and intrusive. Instead of going for a glamorous floor, buy a big rug for your home office. Cover up ugly carpeting with a decorative rug, and you will immediately notice how well your home office transforms.

Rugs with colourful detail certainly add visual density to any room. A rug could be a great one-time investment that your design element can benefit from for years to come.

Be creative when it comes to your home office. Or rather, don’t be afraid to be creative. A cool, vivid design would inspire you and also show off your creative side to clients.


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