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Gojek Clone to Offer the Best all in One on Demand Solution in Thailand



Gojek Clone to Offer the Best all in One on Demand Solution in Thailand

If you have been keeping your ear to the ground in the on demand business space, chances are that you are very well versed with the Gojek Clone app. This app has truly revolutionized the way people think of on demand businesses.

Although the concept of on demand has been around for a very long time, it has evolved over the past few years. With the help of a mobile app and by harnessing the prowess of smart phones, today, getting any job done or buying any item is really not a big challenge. Everything can be done with just a few clicks on your phone.

On Demand Businesses in Thailand Using The Gojek Clone App

Like we’ve mentioned before, the concept of on demand businesses has been around for a while. What used to be achieved by phone calls earlier has now become available using mobile apps. This means the user doesn’t have to wait to get on lengthy calls, have to stay on hold, worry about availability of service providers and hidden charges.

The app is a transparent market place that showcases a list of all the service providers who wish to offer their services for a particular price in Thailand. The price is mentioned before hand, so that is something that they don’t have to be concerned with. This eliminates any need for haggling or bargaining.

Another advantage of the Gojek Clone app is that the user is privy to the experience that the service providers have had. They can see how many years each service provider has had and what his or her exact area of expertise is. It also ensures that the user knows of the availability of the resources that they are in interested in hiring.

What Are The Services Included Within The Gojek Clone App in Thailand?

There are almost over 70 different kinds of services included in the Gojek Clone app in Thailand. They are diversified in 4 primary categories. Let us examine each category one by one and try to understand the complete scope of the Gojek Clone app.

Taxi Booking Service

This service is pretty much exactly like the Uber Clone app. This works by allowing the user to book a taxi of any kind in order to go from one place to another. This section within the Gojek Clone app will allow users to book bike taxis, cabs ranging from hatchback to SUVs and more.

Parcel Delivery Service

This is a very unique service that is included within the Gojek Clone app. This section of the app will allow the users to make sure that they can send across parcels from one place to another. The parcel could be anything ranging from just a single envelope to even a hundred bags of cement.

There are two separate types of parcel delivery options in this app. One is where the user can send a parcel of any size, kind or dimension to a single delivery location. The other is where a user can send across parcels of any size, dimension or kind of multiple locations.

For example, your customer can send across an envelope to their office or a customer can send across a hundred bags of cement to multiple warehouses, a few at each location using the multi delivery option in the app.

Store based Delivery

In the modern world, people like things to be delivered instantly as they shop for them. Whether it is food, groceries or other things such as medicines or even alcohol, instant purchase to delivery is something that is sought after.

This section of the Gojek Clone app allows just that. People can now order for items directly from the app and get them delivered to their homes instantly. The different kinds of deliveries that can be made using this app include:

  1. On Demand Food Delivery
  2. On Demand Grocery Delivery
  3. On Demand Medicines or pharmaceutical products Delivery
  4. On Demand Alcohol Delivery
  5. On Demand Bottled Water Delivery
  6. On Demand Baked Goods Delivery
  7. On Demand Home Cooked Meals Delivery
  8. On Demand Flower Delivery
  9. And any other type of store based delivery option
  10. Service Providers

Every one requires the assistance of service providers now and again. This app will instantly allow users to hire service providers seamlessly from the app. As the user clicks on the service provider option, they can see all the different services registered in the app listed there.

This app is specifically created such that it allows users to see all details pertaining to the service provider before having to hire them. The details include the charges levied by the particular service provider, their availability, star rating given by previous users, reviews shared by previous clients, their expertise, and their experience and so on and so forth. There are around 52 different types of services within this section. These services include but are not limited to:

  1. On Demand Beautician
  2. On Demand Doctor
  3. On Demand Plumber
  4. On Demand Electrician
  5. On Demand Maid
  6. On Demand Housekeeping
  7. On Demand Window Washers
  8. On Demand Dog Walkers
  9. On Demand Vets
  10. On Demand Baby Sitters
  11. On Demand Snow Removal Experts
  12. On Demand Tow Trucks
  13. On Demand Car Wash
  14. On Demand Car Detailing
  15. And more.

Keeping Your Business in Thailand Growing Steadily

One of the most important things about growing your business is, knowing exactly where you stand. Getting regular reports about the market behavior, the app’s demand, hot spots, areas that need more work, which services are raking in the maximum amount of money and which are falling behind.

With the Gojek Clone App, you can do all of this simply by downloading reports. The app is completely automated and registers every activity conducted on it. Therefore, you can get extremely detailed reports that can be exported into excel sheets for your reference and analysis.


On the whole, it is evident that the Gojek Clone application is one of the best solutions for the multi service on demand market in Thailand. The only thing that you should be careful about when purchasing your own On Demand multi service Gojek Clone app is to ensure that you conduct adequate market research before launching your own app.

It will help if you discuss the terms of app procurement with the white label on demand mobile app Development Company and test the app thoroughly before investing in it. Try checking out the video testimonials of the company’s previous clients as well to get an idea of how the company works overall.

The Gojek Clone app is literally a game changer in this market. If you carry out a little research and pick the right app built by the right company you are sure to find success in the on demand multi service market.

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