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Gambling Terminology: Learning Casino Terms is Important

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Gambling Term for Beginners: Learning the Terms is Important

The prospect of getting involved in gambling for the very first time – or in the early stages – can be extremely daunting for players all over the world.

Whilst money is always at stake, there are some terms that are used within the industry that can certainly make things appear a little harder for bettors to get their heads around. However, the terms that are used can sometimes be worded in a way that makes them look a lot more difficult to understand than they really need to be.

Once players understand the terms that are involved in gambling, it can then be rather easy to move forward and redeem a deposit bonus with an online casino like gclub as there will be an element of confidence in regards to what to expect.

There are a number of different terms that should be understood by players of a beginner’s level and whilst this list is not extensive, it will certainly provide players with a grasp of the basics.

General Terms:

  • Beginner’s luck: Beginners luck is a term that is used to describe the early stages of betting. Players will feel a little better about things at the beginning with this term as they will need a little more luck than their experienced counterparts.
  • Balance: This refers to the amount of money that the bettor has available to them in their online account with the casino. Depending on the values available, this is the money that is used to place wagers on a variety of games.
  • Deposit: Deposit refers to the money that needs to be put into the account to play at the casino and use their games. The deposit does automatically go into the player’s balance and can immediately be used.
  • Maximum Bet: Rather self-explanatory, this is the maximum amount of money that can be bet on the casino game. This will either depend on the game, or the balance available to the player.
  • Real Money: There are two different types of money that are available to players to withdraw. ‘Real Money’ is the amount of money that is allowed to withdraw without any requirements.
  • Bonus Money: This is the amount of money that can continue to be used at the casino but can not be withdrawn as a cash prize.
  • House edge: This term is incredibly important, as it provides players with the percentage rates that bettors can potentially win from the game.
  • RNG (Random Number Generator): This is what games, such as online slot games, use to keep things as fair as possible. Random numbers and combinations are produced by a special algorithm that can not be tampered with and will ensure players have a fair experience.

There are also some extremely important casino reward terms that need to be understood by beginners, as knowing what these mean can help to make the whole gambling experience all-the-more enjoyable and potentially even more lucrative.

Casino Rewards Terms

  • Bonus / Casino Bonus / Online Casino Bonus: Casinos will always offer a number of different bonuses to keep players enticed and incentivise them to play with their offerings. Bonuses come in various forms, with welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, deposit match bonuses and free spin bonuses just some of the most common to be available.
  • Cashback: Cashback rewards are a casino bonus in which players will get the chance to earn a percentage of their losses back. This reward can be awarded as either real money (therefore withdrawable) or as bonus money (providing players with the opportunity to place another wager).
  • Free Spins: Perhaps one of the most attractive bonuses and one of the most common, free spins bonuses are something that almost every single online casino offers. Online slot games will utilise these free spins, therefore allowing players to potentially win big without having to pay to turn the reels. The casino bonus can provide players with a limited number of free spins, although they may be limited to certain titles and not available across the whole game library on offer.