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Gambling in India and How Online Slots Became Mainstream



Online Slot Games

The online gambling industry is snowballing worldwide, from the US and Canada to South Africa and India. The sector is mushrooming particularly fast in India, the world’s biggest democracy.

Surprisingly, India has considerably strict anti-gambling rules. It doesn’t license online casino and has very few land-based gambling establishments. So, how’s online gambling thriving in India?

Ballooning Economic Growth

At 6.8% GDP growth rate in 2018, India is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world. That means it is recording more jobs each year, improving infrastructures and allowing its citizens to have more disposable incomes.

With disposable incomes at their disposal, Indian citizens have enough money to spend on luxuries, travels or have fun at online casinos. A recent study shows India’s middle class will continue to increase and could reach 580 million people by 2025.

With such an incredible number of people with disposable incomes, it’s not surprising the online casino in India is mushrooming. A significant portion of the population is young, the most popular demographic at India’s gambling websites.

Huge Bonuses and Free Spins

Besides having money to spend, there’s something else driving Indian citizens to online casinos: bonuses. Most gambling sites these days give out slot machine online bonus and free spins to new players even before they make their first deposit.

They dish out more bonus money when you deposit $10 or more. Precisely, some casinos equal your cash 100% so that when you deposit $50, you receive an extra $50 as a reward.

There’s an extensive list of online casinos that target Indian citizens with such bonuses. Top slots India highlights some of them, particularly the best-rated rated gambling websites. That way, not only do you receive huge bonuses but also get quality services overall.

To put it into perspective, a top-rated online casino offers entertaining games with high payout rates. And that means more potential profits for players, and the more likely they can recommend their friends to these casinos.

The Growth of Mobile Gaming

India’s is one of the top five countries with the highest number of mobile gamers. It’s not surprising considering its enormous population and growing middle class. That being said, the massive number of mobile players in India plays all sorts of games.

Some people play massively multiplayer games like Fortnite and PUBG. The latter is particularly prevalent in India, with the world’s best mobile PUBG player being an Indian resident.

Apart from multiplayer games, strategy, puzzle and single-player games are gaining popularitypretty fast in the country. Mobile casino games are also gaining a foothold in the world’s biggest democracy, a trend that will continue to progress for years to come.

In case you are wondering, mobile casinos operate like regular gambling websites. You might download their apps, but it’s not necessary. The better option is to access the casinos through a mobile browser.

Increased Internet Access

A 2019 report by KMG India found out that the average Indian gamer spends 6.92 hours each week playing online games. For comparison, the global average is 7.11 hours. That means Indian players are almost on par with the world in the amount of time invested in gaming.

Of course, that wouldn’t be possible without the growing penetration of the Internet in India. What’s more, Internet connectivity is increasingly cheap, meaning not only is it available but also accessible.

Interestingly, it’s not just young Indian men taking advantage of the Internet to play online games. KPMG estimates 60% of female Indian players also play mobile games, although not necessarily casino games.

The Popularity of Free to Play Casino Games

Free to play casino games can’t help you win real money. But they give you a taste of casino games. If you’ve always wanted to try out poker, you can play against fellow human beings in a multiplayer setting.

On the other end, you can cherish slot machines with all their thrills. Free to play games tend to have exceedingly high payout rates, which can turn you into a “billionaire” within a few days of playing.

Against that backdrop, it’s not unusual for people to try out free to play casino games before betting real money. And if they win real cash a few times, the chances are that they become loyal players.

Zero Skills Needed

One of the best things about online slots is that they ask for zero skills. Your age, education level or gender doesn’t matter. If you can use a computer, you can play slot machines. In fact, most casino games don’t rely on skills.

Instead, they are games of pure chance. That means you could bet one rupee on your first day at an online casino and win 1000 rupees. Similarly, an experienced player could risk $100 and lose it all.

The lack of skills comes with pros and cons, of course. On the one hand, anyone can play slots. However, you can’t develop an advantage over casinos or other players like it’s possible with games of skills.

Minimum Deposits and Huge Wins

Let’s face it. No one would play casino games if they were expensive. Worse, no one would risk their money on games rigged against players. Fortunately, online slots allow you to bet as little as ten cents.

You can bet up to $100 per spin at certain casinos. But here’s an intriguing fact. Most people who’ve won millions of dollars player slot machines did it on bets of $1 or less. That’s an important reason why so many people have fallen in love with slot machines.

Of course, not everyone gets to win life-changing money at online slots. But if you have $10 and the will to try slots, your cash could afford you up to 100 spins at some of the best online casinos.

The takeaway

Although the online casino industry is growing popular worldwide, it’s ballooning particularly fast in India. The country’s mushrooming economy, coupled with the rise of the middle class, means more have people to spend on leisure. And casino games being the entertaining games they are, it’s not surprising they’ve attracted thousands of players in India.


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