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Four Steps You Can Take to Become an Excellent Copywriter

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Being a good writer is a big gift. Without investing anything else but your time and skills, you can make a fortune in the copy writing career. Starting out can be challenging and might take quite a while, but if you learn how to become a copywriter and are dedicated to it, you can expect a truly bright future ahead of you. Once you add experience to the list, you can become great.

To help you offset this copy writing curve, I’ve come up with a list of steps you need to go through if you want to learn to write quality copy. Whether you want to become a SEO and sales posts specialist, or a good essay and paper writer, the steps below should help you.

Step 1: Pick the Copy Niche

You can’t just go broad in the world of copywriting. To get the best out of it, you should define a niche and start building your reputation and experience in it. With a specialization in one niche, you can find more work and earn more money.

Who are you planning to target as a copywriter?

There are plenty of amazing career opportunities in the world of copywriting, so don’t be afraid to explore them. Test them out. Find a job at an online assignment help service where you’ll write academic papers for students. Find few clients to write blog posts for. Check how good you’ll be in writing emails and social media posts.

Do this shortly and then decide on one or two niches. The more focused you are, the faster you’ll excel in your chosen field.

Step 2: Find Clients

Becoming a copywriter does not happen overnight. It all starts with one client. As soon as you find the first client, this will become much simpler for you.

The goal is to impress every client you work for. But, when it comes to tricks on how to become a copywriter, your goal is to truly impress your very first clients.

These will be the basis on which you’ll build your career in copywriting. The happier they are, the more people they’ll refer you to. This is how it all starts.

Now, you may be wondering how you can land the first gig. Teaching you how to be a copywriter starts here – at the point where you search for the first source of income in your career. Thankfully, there are now many ways to search for clients.

However, I wouldn’t recommend applying for anything and everything you see. Since you chose a niche at this point, that’s the job you should be focusing on. In this case, you can find many platforms that offer thousands of gigs catered toward copywriters and freelancers like you.

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Step 3: Choose the Right Fee

There isn’t an official pricing list with rates for a copywriter, so this can be really tricky if you’re new to the field. The price range varies a lot, so you should definitely learn what to charge before you start working. In the beginning, you might want to take a few small, low-paid projects to get your reputation up and running. You can even do some free work as long as it is strategic, such as building a portfolio, writing guests posts for recognition, and donating your help and content to websites that need this.

As soon as you build connections and get your name out there, it is time to set your quote. When you do this, you need to stick by it. Otherwise, your work and talent may lose its worth and you’ll never be able to charge the money you planned of getting once you become a great copywriter.

When choosing your rates, consider if you want to charge by the hour, by project, by retainer, or in combination with bonuses and commissions. You’ll agree with each client on this individually, but set rates that you’ll offer when you are invited or apply to gigs.

If you have no idea how much this should be, check what other copywriters charge on the market. Your competition can teach you a lot as a new member of the field.

Step 4: Scale

With continuous effort and quality, you’ll start scaling. This means building your business from the ground up. Scaling works with referrals, samples, and reputation.

Existing and past clients are your strongest tool in succeeding in this career. When a single client refers you to others, this opens up new opportunities for you and adds value to your work.

Once you scale higher, you can increase your rates and earn more. You’ll start working with high-quality clients and be paid more while working the same hours. It all starts with one client.


Starting any career isn’t easy and copywriting is the same. However, this career can be done both in-house and at the office, as well as in addition to your regular 9-to-5 job. Pursuing this career can be challenging at first, but once you succeed, you’ll find that it’s the best and most rewarding decision you’ve made.


Author’s Bio:

Bobbie Sanchez is a freelance copywriter for several academic writing services online. He is also a SEO expert, which means that he writes blog posts and articles for clients on daily basis. Thanks to his 11 years of experience in the field, Sanchez managed to quit his daily job and fully focus on this highly rewarding, life-changing career.


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