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Five Things You Should Know About Investing in Bullion



Investing in Bullion

When it comes down to investing in bullion, make people take their steps back. It is not because they are not interested; it is because they have very little practical knowledge regarding bullion.

When you are new at investing in the bullion market, you can be overwhelmed by the diversity of the choices.

Decision making may impact the profit you make. So, making the right call is only possible when you have the right amount of knowledge on bullion.

For a new face who has just started investing in bullion, this tip can more or less all the basic things that you need to know.

Having gold certificates does not mean that you are holding the real gold

The very first thing that you need to know about the commodity investments that, there are many ways to invest in the bullion. You have to find out which investments will suit for profit in your case.

If you are a person who does not want to risk by investing in the share market. So, you have invested in the bullion market. Let me clear out one thing, investment is a kind of share market. If you are investing in the bullion, that meant you are investing in the share market indirectly.

Gold ETFs certificate is a way of securing a direct route for the ownerships. Even after having this certificate, you still require ti believe on a third party for the authentication of the gold.

You have to find a trustworthy company that provides the legal paperwork of your ownership. There are many untrustworthy companies sell the same gold to many clients.

In an economic crisis, having a safe full of gold coins is much safer than having a page or digital document saying you own a certain amount of gold.

Cold coins and bullion are different

Having decided that the bullion is the path you have chosen, you need to have a basic idea of what gold or silver coins are.

Have you ever heard sellers talking about the spot price of the gold? They are talking about the price of the bullion per ounce.

Bullion bars and coins are the prime form of choice for investing in gold and silver. Bullions and coins are the best way to get the best value in terms of weight and value.

The certified gold coin is also called numismatic coins. These are very popular among the collectors for its rarity. The price of the gold coins increases in the demand for its popularity.

These gold coins are checked by the respectable and authenticated third party. So, that you can be fully confident about the quality of the gold.

The three-factor that decide the value of the bullion

While the price of the Gold coins varies from its rarity, the value of the bullion varies on the market value of the three factors.

  • They weight of the gold.
  • Quality of the gold.
  • Current spot price.

Here spot price is means, the value of the bullion per troy ounces at the given moment.

For example, if you are having 24k gold, then you can easily find the value of the gold by multiplying the spot value with the ounces of gold you are having.

And if you have a less purified gold, say 22k, then the value of the gold will be less. To be more precise, the value will be around 91.6% of the total.

Always remember one thing that the gold you are having cannot be 100% pure. Because metals are mixed in the gold to make the bar. The highest quality that gold can reach is 99.9% of purity. (24k gold)

Physical gold needs to be stored securely

If you are planning on buying the physical gold for yourself. Then before buying you must ensure a secure storage place for the gold.

If you are owning your own physical gold then you don’t have to worry about the third-party taking care of your gold. But the flip side of this method is that you have to take care of your gold by yourself.

You need to have good secure storage for the gold. Obviously, you cannot just stack up under the bed and hope for the best.

If you are not having a safe at your home or a secure place to keep your gold? You can always go to the bank’s safe facilities. Go to the local bank that you can trust and ask them for a safe to keep your commodities.

A little extra cost will not hurt you if you are investing in a huge amount of gold.

Don’t trust every gold seller

There are many people who trust the third easily and never run a background check on them. This leads them to be a victim of scammers.

Before trusting on the third parties always make sure of a few things that can help you to invest safely.

  1. Go for better business rating
  2. See how many years of experience he/she has.
  3. Make sure to confirm that they educate their customers.


There is no harm in having an interest in bullion investment. If you are really up for it, you can always invest in bullion. The problem lies in the lack of knowledge. If you will lack the right amount of knowledge then you are bound to lose.

Before investing in bullion, you need to have some basic knowledge that will help you to understand the nature of the bullion market and how does it work.

In this article, I have pointed out the primary points that are mandatory for every beginner, who are willing to invest in the bullion market.

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