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FamiSafe App: The Best Way of Tracking Your Kids Live Location



FamiSafe App: The Best Way of Tracking Your Kids Live Location

Not knowing wherever your youngster’s area unit or what they’re doing on-line will trigger anxiety and psychosis for many oldsters. For sure, you’d wish to be next to all of them the time and defend them, particularly from the hazards of the net world.  During this digital era, this is often attainable with the employment of parental management package, and FamiSafe phone app is one amongst the most effective choices price considering. FamiSafe phone app is one of the best mobile location tracker available at this time in the market.

Launched by Wondershare, FamiSafe phone app is one amongst the foremost reliable parental management apps. Browse on and recognize additional regarding what you’ll be able to expect

How to get started with FamiSafe Phone App

FamiSafe kids phone tracking app

Getting started in mistreatment FamiSafe is a straightforward method. You’ll be able to transfer the app or go straight to their web site. You may install it on your kid’s phone and your phone. after you area unit finished the installation, you’ll be able to currently set it up therefore betting on the items you’d wish to monitor or the restrictions you’d wish to impose. So now you are almost ready to go with FamiSafe cell phone tracker.

FamiSafe Phone App – Family Filtering, Blocking, and observance

FamiSafe kids phone tracking appWeb Filters

To take full management of your kid’s on-line activities, FamiSafe can allow you to set many filters.

Filter Websites

As it is common with different parental management package, you’ll be able to use FamiSafe to filter websites betting on classes. Chrome and hunting expedition area unit supported browsers. a number of the classes listed embody violence and adult.

App Blocker

Aside from interference specific websites, you’ll be able to conjointly block specific apps that you simply believe can create your youngsters unproductive or those who area unit unsafe. apart from this, you’ll be able to conjointly see a whole log of all the apps that they use.

Activity Record

FamiSafe kids phone tracking appFamiSafe records a number of the foremost necessary activities of your youngsters that you simply ought to recognize. This can provide you with a clearer understanding of however your kid’s day went along.

Daily Phone Activities

You don’t have to be compelled to check your kid’s phone a day. Even while not physical access to the phone, mistreatment the app put in on your device, you’ll be able to read a timeline of your child’s activities, together with videos watched or games compete.

Uninstalled Apps

It is simple for youths to put in apps and uninstall them in order that you won’t recognize that they’re mistreatment it. With FamiSafe, you may see if they’re doing this. you may recognize if there’s any app they need uninstalled. Within the same method, you’ll be able to conjointly see the newest apps that they need put in. after you recognize this, it’ll be easier to warn your kid regarding the way to use bound apps responsibly.

Suspicious pictures

You can conjointly use FamiSafe to find suspicious pictures that area unit hold on in your child’s phone. You may receive a moment warning once a probably sexy content has been detected.

Social observance

You can produce automatic alerts once the app detects suspicious words on your youngster’s social media accounts. Ensure to see that the social network you’re interested is out there for observance. Presently not all social apps area unit on the market for chase on iPhone.

FamiSafe – execs and Cons


  • Youtube video observance.
  • Notification with geofencing.
  • Photos chase and alerts.


  • Not operating with desktop.
  • Location chase solely on automaton.
  • Browsing history solely on automaton.

mobile location trackerFamiSafe – Mobile Support

One of the most effective things regarding FamiSafe is that it’s compatible with a large array of mobile devices. It supports automaton four.4 to ten and iOS nine to thirteen. Apart from mobile phones, the app may also be used for observance tablets. There’s no would like for jailbreaking or growing the target device.


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