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Exploring the Applications and Benefits of MPS in Electrical Systems



Exploring the Applications and Benefits of MPS in Electrical Systems

For many facility managers, it is challenging to appropriately and promptly understand the mechanics of advanced electrical systems, also applications and the benefits of MPS in electrical systems and units used for operating industrial processes.

Developing an efficiently effective electrical plan that is safe, secured, and optimized includes; more complicated tasks than just selecting the products or appliances. It also requires the formulation of an efficiency and safety plan for lowering business risks and unlocking latent potentials.

However, understanding business strategies are entirely different from understanding strategies related to electrical systems. Thus, it is recommended that you look for expert electrical consulting services from reputable providers such as Schneider Electric. Who focus their priority on your business objectives and deliver appropriate analysis and recommendations for your facility. Schneider Electric’s MPS Consulting services enable you with the right technical capabilities and expertise to gain a competitive edge for MPS in electrical systems.

MPS Consulting Services: Applications, Audits, And Benefits

MPS stands for Modernization, Performance, and Safety – elements at the heart of Schneider Electric’s industrial consulting services. Such services facilitate an easy way to formulate an electrical plan for your facility and prevent downtime events, unanticipated complications, and risk situations.

Thus, helping your facility managers gain an improved understanding of crucial assets’ life cycle conditions while also enabling them to employ efficient maintenance practices and upgrade systems smartly promptly.

Probable Applications Of MPS:

  • Regulations and safety check procedures
  • Identification of risk areas
  • Improving compliance with safety regulations
  • Life cycle and maintenance
  • Environment Surveys of electrical substations

Schneider Electric’s MPS Consulting Walk through

MPS Walkthrough is a part of Schneider Electric’s MPS consulting services, which offer a non-intrusive audit of all the facility-based installed electrical distribution equipment. MPS Walkthrough audit assesses the following elements of your facility:

  • Visual State

Visual state Inspection analyses and documents the overall state of the electrical systems and its environment to check if everything is being performed within specified operating conditions, including factors such as room temperature, airflow, dust contamination, and technology deterioration.

  • Maintenance State

Maintenance state inspection evaluates and documents the variables, types, and frequency of maintenance operations for the equipment and checks if it is within the stipulated operating conditions, including testing, cleaning, and minor fixes for MPS in Electrical Systems

  • Obsolescence State

Obsolescence state inspection assesses and documents the life-cycle or duty-cycle status of the electrical systems’ equipment. It also helps identify related spare parts, which aids in formulating guarantee periods and modernization plans.

  • Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Safety and Regulatory Compliance process involve documentation for identified issues presenting risks in regulatory and compliance functions with applicable local, state, and federal or central electrical safety regulations. Such findings are formulated based on relevant experience; deep-domain specialization; and also knowledge of the FSR facility on site.

Once these assessments are made, a final report is presented to you by the consultants within a week or two. Based on the assessment, the facility managers can decide which plans to implement and how to implement it.

Why Select MPS Consulting Services?

Expert MPS Consulting Services can also help identify complicated or well-hidden deficiencies in your electrical systems’ plan. Such services investigate, prioritize, develop, and execute effective tactics to address every electrical safety and maintenance issue related to your facility equipment. Some reasons why you must select MPS consulting services are:

  • Maximizes Safety

Potential safety risks and regulatory issues that get identified and documented during the onsite assessments facilitate recommendations for required corrective actions.

  • Improves Performance

Obtain expert guidance for improving the performance, adaptability, and availability of your entire facility’s electrical systems.

  • Mitigate Risks and Failures

Detect infrastructure vulnerabilities and avert unscheduled shutdowns with advanced diagnostic software and tools.

  • Realize Obsolescence

Obsolete electrical systems do more harm than good, and it is not just a risk to your facility’s electrical infrastructure, but towards the safety of your personnel as well. With MPS consulting services, you get a primary assessment of obsolete equipment and even more a modernization plan for the same.

If you are still no sure about MPS consulting services, here are a few more reasons to choose Schneider Electric:

  • Worldwide Support Available
  • Deep-Domain Manufacturer Expertise
  • Skilled Assessment And Installation
  • Certified Commissioning Experts

So, whether you are looking for a comprehensive system upgrade, minor upgrades, or just concerned about compliance, MPS consulting experts also have extensive experience delivering electrical solutions across all industries. They can help you implement innovative advances, improve efficiencies in workflow and safety regulations, and provide long-term sustainable benefits. Consult leading electrical MPS consulting services today.


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