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Enrolling Your Child in an American School in Bangkok

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There’s a new primary and secondary school curriculum that’s getting a lot of attention from educators and parents, and an American school in Bangkok is the first school in Thailand to offer it.

The curriculum is notable for the easing of the traditional class structure as well as for its innovative approach to education. The curriculum uses cutting-edge educational research as the basis for its content and structure.

 Novel Approach to Organizing Students

Instead of the traditional class structure of separating students into classes based on their age, this new and novel approach to education divides students into ‘cohorts’, or groups of students of up to 150 members. These cohorts consist of two grade-levels of students.

A team of teachers instructs each cohort, and these teams are under the direction of a cohort leader. The curriculum also takes a project-oriented approach to daily lessons and classes. Students within a particular cohort will be working on several projects at any given time, covering any number of traditional subjects, including math, science, and language skills.

Encouraging Creativity in Students

The American school in Bangkok also encourages its students to approach all aspects of their education, including problem-solving from a creative point of view. By encouraging them to look outside of what they are used to doing, they begin to use the lessons learned in other subjects and apply them to the problems at hand.

This encourages them to think more creatively in all aspects of their education and produces students who are better able to cope with a changing environment later on in life.

The inclusion of the arts in the curriculum also encourages the students to express themselves openly and without judgement. In being able to express their feelings and ideas without recriminations. They grow more self-assured and less afraid to air their opinions and feelings.

This, in turn, encourages them to push the envelope and expand their thinking. Most noteworthy beyond the norms that society has placed upon them.

Celebrating Diversity

By expanding the traditional school structure and creating these cohort groups. This Bangkok American school will also encourage diversity and the exploration of different cultures. Especially within the context of the projects and subjects on which they are working.

Bangkok is a multi-cultural environment where people from all walks of life dwell peacefully. From these cohort groups, the students will learn the value of this diversity. Furthermore the different ideas brought by the team of teachers and the students within their cohorts.

The older students will learn from the younger ones that intelligence is a stand-alone quality. And above all has no bearing on experience. The younger students will learn the value of education as the older student’s act as mentors to them.

 Explore a New Type of Education

The American school in Bangkok is also called the Verso International school. They are opening their doors to students in August of 2020. If you’re interested in hearing more about this new and innovative approach to education in preparing your child for the challenges of the future, contact them for a consultation and tour.

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