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Jen’s English Tip’s – Time Expressions




A Few Time Expressions


In The Interim – This denotes a period of time between something that ended and something that happened or will happen afterwards. For example, “The boss will be back next week. In the interim, the workers will be stocking the shelves and cleaning.”

In Broad Daylight – When something occurs in broad daylight, it means the event is clearly seen. Here’s an example, “Two lions walked across the lawn in broad daylight.”

Against The Clock – This common expression means time is working against a project or plan started by a person or a group. In other words, there is not much time left to finish and everybody must work faster to catch up. For example, “In movies, writers love to create countdowns where the main characters are working against the clock”.

All In Good Time – Patience is an uncommon virtue. When people are not patient, friends often assure them that things will happen eventually. In other words it may not happen now but it will happen in the future. For example, “Susan thought she was going to grow old and never marry because no man had asked her. But her mother promised her that she would find the right man and get married all in good time.”


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