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Expressions with well

Here is a list of idiomatic expressions using the word well.

As well.As well means in addition to something or someone else. This expression mainly goes at the end of sentences.She not only sings; she plays the violin as well. = She sings and plays the violin also.

As well as.As well as, connects two clauses.They need computers as well as books. = They need both books and computers.He went to Germany as well as France. = He went to Germany and France.

Be doing well.To be doing well is to be getting better after an illness.She seems to be doing well after beating cancer. = She seems to be better after beating cancer.

Be doing well for yourself.When you are doing well for yourself, you are successful in life.She has four children and all four of them are doing well for themselves.

Do well by someone.To do well by someone is to treat them in a fair or generous way.The religious leader urged his followers to do well by their fellow human beings.

Know full well / know perfectly well.To know something full well is to know it while pretending not to.You know full well what I am talking about.

May as well do something / Might as well do something.This expression is used to suggest that it may be a good idea to do something.We may as well ask his help.We may as well consult a specialist.

Well done.This expression is used to congratulate someone when they do something well.Well done Mark, you passed all the exams.



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