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How can i download instagram photos and videos?



How can i download instagram photos and videos?

Download Instagram photos

There are numerous reasons to take a break from, or altogether abandon, download Instagram photos. With each update, the platform looks more and more like TikTok, The CEO doesn’t care if the software harms teens, and things are growing worse.

Who knows what Instagram may look like in the future, but one thing is certain: you don’t want to trust Meta with all of your priceless photo and video memories.

Getting ahold of all your posts (and more) is quite simple, whether you want copies of photographs on the app that you no longer have access to elsewhere or are cleaning up your account for a full-on Instagram deactivation.

How to download your Instagram data

There is no option to download Instagram photos just photographs and videos from Instagram; you must download every scrap of data on your account as well. The finished folder isn’t particularly attractive, but it’s functional.

While you’ll want to comb through, organize, and store your Instagram data on a PC or laptop, you can start the process on your phone with just a few taps.

If you want, you can finish this process entirely on your computer’s web browser. The steps are pretty similar.

Download Instagram photos

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  • Open up Instagram. Make sure you have the most recent version of the app to avoid any issues.
  • From your profile page, tap the hamburger icon in the top right-hand corner.
  • Tap “Settings” on the menu that pops up from the bottom of your screen.
  • Tap on the “Security” option about halfway down this menu.
  • Under the “Data and History” header, tap “Download Data.”
  • After entering an email address you’d like your data to be sent to (it will default to the email address connected to your account), tap the “Request Download Instagram photos” button. You’ll be prompted to enter your password for the account.
  • Enter your password and Instagram will start gathering your data. Instagram should send you an email with a link to download your data within 48 hours. It’s unclear whether or not the amount of data attached to your account has anything to do with wait times. Once you’ve received the email (it’ll have the subject line “Your Instagram Information”), check it out on a computer you’d like to save your data to and click the “Download Information” button in the email. This link will only be active for four days after it lands in your inbox.
  • You’ll be sent to Instagram and asked to log in. Once you log in, you’ll be taken to a page titled “Your Instagram Information.” Simply click the “Download Information” link to begin downloading a zipped folder with all the information Instagram has stored on you.
  • Find the zipped folder in your downloads folder (or wherever you chose to save it) and extract/unzip the folder.

Instagram has more information than you probably expected, and it’s not displayed well. All of your posts — images, videos, Reels, Stories, and even previous articles — are housed under the “media” subfolder.

Each subfolder will contain further subfolders arranged by month where you can navigate to locate all of your entries. JPEGS are used for photos, whereas MP4s are used for films.

The quality of the download Instagram photos objects is the most common complaint about this Instagram function – don’t anticipate any of your posts to be as high quality as the original files. Now everything’s in one place.

This data transfer also contains your search history, messages, links to your saved posts, and a vast list of terms Instagram has associated with your profile (found in the “your topics” subdirectory).

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