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Condo Movers Toronto: Everything You Need To Know Before Moving Houses

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Condo movers Toronto Tips on How to Load Household Goods into a Moving Truck

Moving houses is exciting and tedious at the same time whether you are doing it yourself or using condo movers in Toronto. This is because of the much effort put into finding the new home, preparing it for living in, and getting a moving truck. Another challenge comes in when loading and offloading the car because some fragile items can break. To take maximum care of the things, you need to know how to load your household goods in a truck.

When loading, always ensure the large items are standing on the floor. The smaller and lighter items should be placed on top of the heavier ones. This enables you to maximize your truck’s capacity and also ensure safety. When loading, start by loading the oversized items like furniture against the wall, followed by smaller and lighter items and then the fragile goods on top of everything. Here are things condo movers want you to know.


1.Secure The Items In The Truck

The items are likely to shift around when the truck is moving, especially during cornering. This can cause accidents and breakage to fragile items. To avoid this, strap off the tier at the front to prevent shifting. Do this on every stack until the lorry is loaded.

According to apartment movers in Toronto, mattresses should be the last to be loaded on the track. Use them to stack flat fragile items like big mirrors for maximum protection.

2. How To Bed A Moving Truck

Bed loading a truck means that all the items are placed on the truck’s floor or the truck’s bed. None of them is stacked on top of the other. This prevents movements and breakages during movements. Bed loading happens when you have a small load with a massive truck. Bed loading also makes it easier to load and offload the truck. However, this kind of transportation does not take advantage of 7′ to 9′ condo movers Toronto trucks because of the waste of cubic space. If you need help with loading a moving truck, contact a professional.

3. Things To Consider Before Renting A Moving Truck

You can get many moving vans from condo movers in Toronto, so you need to have a checklist before picking one. First, check for the following in the truck.

  1. Ensure the tires are well aligned and there is nothing stuck between the double back wheels that can cause tire flattening during movements.
  2. Inspect every tire to ensure no nails and screws. You can do this by moving it around. This is because the trucks are mainly driven into commercial areas, and they can often pick screws and nails.
  3. Ensure the cargo area is clean and that the rails inside are well placed in the truck’s walls to allow you to tie the load tiers.
  4. Check for other parts of the truck like the oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid. Every part should be properly functioning to ensure you don’t encounter difficulties on your trip.
  5. Ensure the ground underneath the engine area is dry. This is a way of ensuring no fluids are leaking.
  6. The next thing is to look at the handholds. Ensure they are all tight and that they can be opened from the outside and inside. All the windows should also be able to roll up and down.
  7. Get help from the rental people on how to operate the switches and levers. The emergency brake should also be working correctly, and there should be a fire extinguisher in the truck.
  8. Check the horns, emergency flashes, and headlights for proper functioning. The headlights should be able to adjust the light to high and low beams.


4. How To Drive A Rental Moving Truck

  1. If you are playing music in the truck, ensure it is low to avoid getting carried away and not hearing sounds on the road.
  2. Ensure the automatic transmission shifts from gear to gear properly.
  3. The gears should also be shifted smoothly, and the final grab of the clutch should not be at the very top of the pedal’s range.
  4. Avoid driving at high speeds before getting used to the truck’s handling.
  5. Always ensure there is ample space between you and the car in front to get enough room for emergency stops. Emergency stops are tricky for a loaded truck because they can lead to the fall of items.


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