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Clinical Eye Bags Removal is a Big Thing in Singapore Culture

You don’t have to live with the eye bags, it could be cured by non-surgical or surgical means.



Eyes are never easy to miss at impressions; they generally dictate whether you’re excited, depressed, stressed, hungover, or just ageing. In Singapore, Ladies who are prone to extra attention on their physical features and appeal tend to be affected the most. Although several eye bag removal techniques ranging from topical applications to clinical surgeries exist in Singapore, we highlight these treatment techniques concerning the severity of eye bag.


According to Cambridge Medical Group located at 391B Orchard Road, #08-05A1, Tower B, Ngee Ann City not every eye bags are valid; a pseudo-eye bag typically features a thickened, excessive growth of the lower eyelid, which results in a bulge. A real eye bag is consequently caused by age. Which weakens the supporting tissues of the eyelids; it sags the skin.

It allows the entrance of fats into the area below the eyes, apart from fats, the space underneath the eye can welcome fluids to give it a puffy or swollen appearance. Elderly individuals in Singapore are mostly affected by eye bags. Lifestyle can also contribute to this alteration as smokers are paramount to this disorder; other factors like lack of sleep, allergies, and heredity are customary contributors.

elderly singaporean with eye bags

The effects?

An alarming rate in the increase of low self-esteem is evident in this group of victims. Quick cure adventures and unusual self-consciousness intertwined with excessive use of makeup, which is most times never enough to curb this drawback feature leads ultimately to depression. They tend to reduce the focus on their activities. Economically, Singapore has experienced a reduction in efficiency and industrial output.


The Singapore population has shown a range of treatments which is directly proportional to the severity of the eye bag. We advise patients to voice out to their Doctors for proper consultation; only a professional would know whether it is best to get the treatment done or not.

Mild occasions don’t always require surgeries; it was zero downtime and needed just some filler correction to put the eye bag into obscurity. By using some skin tightening procedure on the lower eyelid, improves them. Examples of suitable methods for mild cases are the EYE REVO™ is an Eye bag removal, which operates on the phenomenon of Radio Frequency (RF) delivered through microneedles.

Mind you; these are non-surgical, which work under the influence of topical anaesthesia. It is applied to the eyelids for these little needles do not harm a mosquito sting. Its main objective is to melt the fat under the eye bag and also tighten the skin. It achieves this by sending the fat to absorb by the body to produce new collagen. This treatment takes roughly 30 minutes with a 5- day effect period.

This non- surgical eye bags removal procedure is to be performed by experienced Doctors.

Even though there are considerable long-time complications, it is quick and relatively safe with visible results within 1 to 2 months after utilization. Individual effects on treatment longevity vary from a year to about 3 years. The cost of the procedure usually costs between $600 and $2,000.

Moderate to severe conditions of eye bags in which fat melting and skin tightening are not remedies and have little or no effect on the situation. Surgeries are to refresh and revitalize the affected areas, a combination of skin tightening, skin removal, fat redistribution are required to give a lasting result.  Two techniques; Cosmetic blepharoplasty and Functional Blepharoplasty are the majors.

They may also require brow lifting to reduce droopiness, skin regeneration procedures lasting between 45 minutes to 2 hours of surgery. In reparation for the operation, you need to avoid painkillers, alcohol, smoking, or any supplement that contains vitamin E.

On surgery day, make sure you tell your physician pieces of information about medical issues you are experiencing at that particular time. Examples of clinics in Singapore that practice surgical eye bag removal include The Clifford Clinic, Asia HealthPartners Aesthetic, and Allure Plastic Surgery. Recovery usually takes a few weeks, rendering you unable to go to work or drive for some weeks; antibiotics are also prescribed by your doctor maintains this.

Surgeries in Singapore are known to cost a range between $2,000 to $5,000 depending on the doctor and organization.


Change in lifestyle and habits such as adequate sleep time, quality sleeping culture, reduction in the intake of salt generally, the act of zero smoking habits, mild compress of the eyes for some minutes in the day, cosmetic product usage to reduce the appearance of dark circles and eye bags and the total avoidance of allergies. Creams that consist of high collagen levels are also useful. While also taking foods rich in iron and Ascorbic acid. Placing tea bags, especially green tea for some minutes, has proven effective.


Eye bag removal surgeries should be considered and thought through economically as Insurance doesn’t cover them; it is relatively costly. Still, in cases where skins impair the vision, Insurance surely has some roles to play therein. Periods to consider treatment or surgery is when a noticeable sagging of the eyelids, extra skin above the eyelids, and prominent bags around the eyes are visible. Furthermore an expert consultation with the doctor before the procedure can help determine the best solution for victims.

In preparing for these treatments in Singapore, a full medical history report and physical examination are also necessary. Your loved one should follow you through the whole process. Recovery from these techniques usually takes some time, so it is paramount you take periods off work and live a minimal social life in the meantime. Clean eyes gently as against vigorous rubbing, stay away from contacts if you use one, get yourself sunglasses, avoid smoking, avoid stressful activities like swimming or heavy lifting.


In conclusion, eyes are essential aesthetic features as their laminating function. Every defect in their look could damage emotions or also lead to secondary effects. You don’t have to live with the eye bags, it could be cured by non-surgical or surgical means. Each with its benefits cost range, and drawback, it is advisable to contact professionals in these fields for advice and proper clinical procedures.  A strive to maintain these solutions is also essential and may require one to adhere to a strict lifestyle.

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