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Cisco CCDE is the Only Vendor Agnostic Design Exam



Cisco CCDE is the Only Vendor Agnostic Design Exam

For many years, Cisco has been offering CCDE, Cisco Certified Design Exam to the candidates. With this certification exam, Cisco has been targeting to measure the qualifications of the exam takers for the network design.

Computer network design, Local Area networks, Wide-Area networks, Datacenter, Internet Edge, and many other places in the networks are covered in this exam. There is only one instructor-led real-time, and only a few video-on-demand-based CCDE training in the world.

In order to be well prepared for the CCDE Exam, you can check about CCDE courses on Orhan Ergun’s website.

CCDE is a vendor-neutral network design exam

For many years, people have been questioning whether the Cisco CCDE exam is really vendor-agnostic or not. The truth is in this exam, there are many Cisco preparatory technologies, and protocols, such as HSRP, EIGRP, GLBP, DMVPN, and GETVPN but still this exam is considered widely a vendor-neutral exam.

The reason is, that many of these protocols are so commonly used in real-life, such as DMVPN – Dynamic Multipoint VPNs, or in the EIGRP case, there is even an RFC for it. RFC 7868 for example, covers the EIGRP details.

Also, these technologies are not even more than a few percent of the entire blueprint.

Cisco CCDE exam covers a wide range of technologies, protocols, and standards.

What are the technologies in the Cisco CCDE exam?

Traditional technologies, such as OSPF, EIGRP, IS-IS, and BGP as routing protocols are always asked in the CCDE exam. MPLS – Multi-Protocol Label Switching, IP and MPLS Multicast, IP and MPLS Quality of Service, VPNs, IPv6, Infrastructure Security, Network Management, Network Security, Layer 2 technologies, Fast Convergence, and Fast Reroute, RSVP, Traffic Engineering, and many other classical. traditional technologies are still in the CCDE exam blueprint.

CCDE certification exam is currently a version 3.

In the CCDEv3, there are many new evolving technologies as well. For example, SD-WAN, Segment Routing, EVPN, Cloud Computing, and high-level Network Automation are some of the new types of knowledge Cisco requires exam candidates to know.

Not just for the CCDE exam but for real-life knowledge, we can’t deny the importance of these technologies.

A good training institute should definitely cover both the traditional and the evolving technologies. You can check for the CCDE courses and the boot camps. As mentioned above He offers the world’s only live, real-time CCDE Bootcamp and also offers a video-on-demand version of his CCDE training.

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