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Businesses in Thailand Installing Security Systems as Thefts Increase



Businesses in Thailand Installing Security Systems as Thefts Increase

Businesses do require time, money, effort, and overall the latest technologies to cope up with the ongoing challenges in the industry. One of the deadliest challenges for businesses in Thailand today is to protect their assets from both external and internal threats. Thankfully with the aid of modern security gadgets, it has become easier for business in Thailand to keep an eye their business during the pandemic. However, many Thai business owners say this task can be a bit hectic when it comes to selecting the best security gadgets for your business.

Whether you’re concerned about the security of your entry gates to your commercial store, or it’s about working areas, reception, or warehouse, you can deploy ultra-modern security gadgets. Thailand is one of the hottest places in the world. So, make sure that your business staff and your customers feel comfortable in your organisation or store. And, you must also not ignore the security factor.

Here we explore how you can protect your business in Thailand with high-end security technology. Get to know about these must-have gadgets in Thailand.

CCTV Surveillance in Thailand

Monitoring residential and the business property has found a new horizon with the help of modern video surveillance technologies. According to laptop repair Dubai experts of the UAE Technician, CCTV cameras are the best choice to keep track of everything. Even when you are residing away from your commercial places, you can monitor your employees, customers, and everyone in between with CCTV cameras.

Besides recording footage of your commercial and corporate premises, CCTV cameras can record audio. And, every footage will be stored on the server, or you can also opt for cloud storage. You can retrieve data from cloud storage or any other storage that you prefer. Depending upon your business infrastructure and all, you can decide the best CCTV cameras for your business. If it’s indoors or outdoors, select the flexible CCTV cameras and technology, and keep potential threats away from your business.

Alarm Systems and Motion Detectors

Theft and burglary are nothing new to businesses in Thailand or anywhere in the world. When you think of CCTV cameras and overall video surveillance, you can’t kick out the necessities of alarm systems and motion detectors. With this equipment at your business, you gain an extra advantage over those intruders. The alarm will flash out when the motion detectors sense anything suspicious. And, trespassers have to flee away or drop their plans immediately.

With motion sensors, you need not keep recording everything all the time. When motion detectors sense anything, they get activated. Additionally, they switch on the video recording at your business. For example, if motion detectors sense any movement or sound, such as a person or a car, then they get automatically turned on. These gadgets are appropriate for sensitive areas, remote inspection, and so on.

Thailand Door Access Systems

How can you restrict any unauthorized individual from entering your workspace? Follow up with door access security controls to prevent any unauthorized access to your business. Digital door access control systems have become a trend for commercial stores. If it’s an inventory or warehouse, then you will hardly wish for anyone to come over.

That’s why you should consider a digital door access control system for authorised entry to your business place. Such systems can come along with card readers, magnetic card swipes, or keypad controls. You can easily access the entry door with your preferred type of digital access equipment. In addition, you can restrict trespassers from accessing your business place.

Laptop Locks

Laptop repair Dubai issues are not the only stress that might annoy you. If you can’t keep your business laptops safe and protected, anyone can easily access important data from those laptops. Is it enough to encrypt your laptop with a strong password? We think that you should maintain extra precautions to keep your data security compromised.

In addition to a password, consider a physical lock for your laptop. These laptop locks are designed to make your laptop immobile with respect to its position. And, you need a specific key to unlock your laptop. After unlocking the laptop, you can use it. If you’re travelling with your laptop, you can carry those laptop locks with you. They’re portable and handy enough to protect your laptop, irrespective of your location.

Security Lighting in Thailand

Theft of business assets can startle you, and the chances are that all these illegal activities will take place due to poor lighting. Security lighting can refrain burglars from entering your business. The presence of security lights reminds the intruders that it is a guarded site.

The right amount of illumination and the right lighting controls are perfect for your business premises. You might opt for a photoelectric cell for advanced or smart light switching. As soon as the sun goes down, your business security lights get back to action. Additionally, you can go for motion-detecting lighting arrangements. They are ideal for accompanying your video surveillance systems, as well.

Biometric Systems

When you are in the corporate world, you can’t deny the importance of biometric systems. These are handier options when compared with door access controls. You need not carry any additional card reader to pass through the entry gate. Biometric systems allow the following features such as touch-screen, facial recognition, voice detection, keypad, attendance software, and much more. With biometric systems, you can allow only registered personnel inside your business premises.

For example, your employees can enter the workspace only after providing the fingerprint impression on the biometric system. This will let you count the attendance of each employee without complicating anything. Biometric systems are really cool if you want security aspects that are uncompromising and systematic.


Strengthen physical barriers and storage systems to keep threats away. Make use of immobilizers, asset tracking systems, and much more to make sure your business belongings are safe at their respective places. Take care of your laptop’s health with laptop repair Dubai and its security aspects with password alteration. Moreover, all these security gadgets are available at reasonable costs.

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