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Business Marketing Tools: Using Interactive Video Technology in Websites

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Business Marketing Tools: Using Interactive Video Technology in Websites

Technology advancements are changing the scope of marketing and customer relations for modern businesses. The conventional techniques of making your brand known to the public allow for the customization of materials. It helps businesses reach out to potential customers through the content they share, especially with interactive video technology.

In the past, the use of quiz and games were widespread on digital media platforms. However, interactive vidnami videos are out-performing traditional interactive tools. The main reason for the rise in interactive video technology is its ability to incorporate different messages and content.

Before seeking Spiel creative expertise, it is essential to gain background information on the subject. Read on to understand ways of keeping up with the market trends. And according to Spiel, a leading agency in the field, using interactive video content can improve your user engagement and conversion rate by up to 400%.

Consider creating an Engaging and Interactive Website

Websites are changing to suit the dynamics of millions of internet users worldwide. A business that sets up its digital media platforms will be critical in converting online traffic into sales. It means that a content creator’s main initiative is to make the material interactive and engaging to clients.

The outlook and design of a website no longer keep consumers of information. They are probably in search of content that appeals to them. With that in mind, brand managers need to use digital media tools to promote the company’s culture.

A person’s time on your website depends on the elements and on-site content. So, it is critical for website developers to plan adequately when looking to appeal to customers. Here are some things that they need to consider;

The experience:

When setting up a business website, you must consider the people visiting your platform. Consider what they are looking for and ways to offer solutions to their wants. Since clients relate to brands, it is vital to make them identify with your website too. Allow them to influence the content on site.


With various portable devices at the customer’s disposal, it ensures that the website is accessible to all. Optimizing the website for use with android and windows gadgets makes the site accessible from most technological devices in the market.

The new norm here is an ADA compliance checklist for websites to follow if you’re doing business in the US and want your website to act as an ambassador for your brand. The federal government has made it 100% mandatory to make any website easily accessible to disabled persons.

In this respect, you can take the help of a web geek like “Accessibility Spark” that can install an ADA compliance checker tool or App and thereby scan your site for accessibility issues. If found so, it can automatically adjust and make your niche adhere to the ADA & WCAG standards.


Consider integrating your website to other digital media tools. Sharing content in social media platform can assist in redirecting traffic to your website. You only need to share a link to your site via any avenues to attract potential customers. With more people interacting with your website, there is a likelihood of higher conversion rates.

Be solution-oriented:

It is common for people to search online when looking for solutions to anything in life. Although the management has goals in all its investments, it is essential to give the customers a chance to express themselves.

The information can help management to come up with ways of providing solutions to what the customers need. It also helps in decision-making, as well as customizing services that suit every kind of customer.

Reasons to Use Interactive Videos in Business Websites

Interactive videos are establishing themselves as a popular tool for digital marketers. Even more studies show that the strategy is useful since most online users can relate to them.

It also gives a brand a competitive advantage over rivals as businesses look for creative ways of engaging with their customers. By making the content entertaining, it can also prompt the audience to action. Below are some other reasons to use interactive videos on websites;


To make your website appealing, it is vital to include materials that users can resonate with. Currently, videos are taking centre stage in the social media platforms, and you can extend the fun to your website.

Content developers can use data from research and studies to find the ideal video for your website. Interactive videos are sure ways that businesses can engage their customers. It is also useful in promoting products and services that the company is offering.

It is easy to track

In the past, it wasn’t easy to measure the success rate of interactive videos. One could only see the number of people who view but not leads. However, interactive videos can aid in data collection through fields that consumers need to fill. By incorporating video and website tracking tools, businesses can get insights into the conversion rates.

Keeps the User attentive

Interactive videos are much different from other kinds of videos. The media is effective in attracting the attention of users.

Since internet users tend to be passive when using digital media platforms, it is also rewarding to make online traffic attentive. This is possible through the creation of engaging and high-quality content.

Has a higher Conversion rate

Unlike other video advertisements on digital media platforms, interactive videos can also convert more individuals engaging with the content. Research shows that the media converts at a much larger scale than what social media platforms like YouTube and Google offer.

Brand Awareness

Online users are likely to remember the videos they interact with over the internet. By branding and customizing the video content, the brand remains memorable to a potential customer after they are offline. They will most probably call your business when they need a product or service.

Competitive Advantage

Since interactive videos are still a new concept in the industry, it helps incorporate the strategy into your digital marketing campaign. A business can gain a competitive edge over its rivals as people visiting the website end up being satisfied.

Enhanced User Experience

Interactive videos have a way of appealing to visitors of websites. It enhances the user experience as it is fun to watch them. The user will most probably want to know more about your brand.


Interactive videos are a versatile way for businesses to engage with customers. They are essential in learning, product development, people management, and enhancing the customer experience. It helps websites stand out from the crowd.

Since users of internet access multiple platforms, it is beneficial for businesses to adapt to the ever-changing business environment. There are also many benefits to incorporating interactive video technology in a digital marketing campaign.