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Best Thai Movies for Students Can Write Essay’s About



Best Thai Movies for Students Can Write Essay's About

The culture of Thailand is rich and diverse – the people of the country respect their history, love monarchs, and observe centuries-old traditions. It honors monks and believes in the teachings of Buddha. Here are some Thai movies you can write an essay about. But the Kingdom – a modern state, which has a place for pop culture, in particular, cinematography and Thai movies.

Of course, it is far from overseas Hollywood or closer popular Bollywood, but in Thailand, too, they make great films that are winning the love of fans from all over the world. So if you want to spend some time with these movies, make sure you have extra time. If you’re a student you can also use a college essay writing service.



Action, thriller

After stealing a sacred Buddha statue from a small, quiet village, Ting travels to Bangkok to find the thief. While restoring justice, the protagonist makes extensive use of Muay Thai skills, which makes the film very entertaining.

Best Thai Movies for Students Can Write Essay's About

Uncle Boonmee Who Remembers His Past Lives


Uncle Boonmee dies of acute kidney failure and travels to his relatives in the countryside to live out his last days. On his deathbed, he recalls all the adventures of past lives.

Dragon’s Honor

action, drama, thriller, crime

An elephant, a real family member, is stolen from Kham and his father. To get him and the little elephant back, the hero travels to Sydney and goes to war with the crime syndicate.

Top Secret: Wai roon pun lan

drama, biography

In 2002, when Top was just 16 years old, he had a good income from online gaming, and even drove to school in his car, bought with the money he earned. At 17, he started his own business selling roasted chestnuts. But life soon threw him a nasty surprise.

The Impossible

Thriller, Historical, Drama, Spain, Thailand, USA

The film is based on true events and tells the story of the tragic events that occurred in 2004 in Thailand when a giant tsunami wave hit the peninsula. A European family — Maria, Harry, and three of their sons, Lucas, Thomas, and Simon — arrive for their winter vacation in Thailand. On the morning of December 26, after the Christmas holidays, the family was relaxing by the pool, when suddenly everyone numbed with horror – a huge wall of water came straight at them, rushing towards the hotel, sweeping away everything in its path

Best Thai Movies for Students Can Write Essay's About

Bad Genius

Thriller, Drama, Crime, Comedy, Thailand

Learning for Lynn is easy and enjoyable, a capable girl who, unlike her lazy peers, is happy to attend school. Praise, top grades, and medals are all about her. After moving to another educational institution, where the offspring of the elite study, Lynn is surprised to find that rich kids often turn their nose up at knowledge. Her new friend Grace doesn’t understand math. When Lynn helped her out on an exam, she had no idea what it would entail.

The Hangover Part II

Comedy,USA, Thailand

The groom’s friends hope not to repeat the story of Vegas and celebrate it in a chaste and quiet way. The groom’s friends hope not to repeat the history of Vegas and celebrate it chaste and quietly. But no bachelor party is not quiet and does not end quietly, especially if it takes place in Bangkok. So what’s in store for them if they decide to go 100% again?

Mah nakorn

Fantasy, melodrama, comedy

Pod, a simple country boy, comes to Bangkok in search of a new life. He meets the beautiful girl Jin and falls in love with her. Jin does not notice anything around her, she is completely absorbed in her quest to solve the mystery of a book that fell on her from the sky one evening.

Best Thai Movies for Students Can Write Essay's About

Yes or No: Yaak Rak Gaw Rak Loey

Poor Phai! That’s one hell of a start to the school year. She’s just escaped from her lesbian roommate to her new room, and now she’s got a new gift from fate: Kim, a kid roommate with some strange tendencies. The moves include dividing the room into independent territories and ignoring the annoying girl. But, as they say, you can’t run away from fate – in Bhai’s heart, he develops warm feelings for Kim.

No Escape

Thriller, Action,USA, Thailand

American Jack Dwyer and his family move from America to Southeast Asia. After moving to Thailand, he decides to start a new life, especially since he gets a good job here, he and his family like this country, and his neighbor also happens to be an American who moved here. However, all happiness soon falls apart: a civil war breaks out in the country. Jack almost gets killed in a shootout between police officers and armed locals when he leaves his house to go to the store.

The Legend of Muay Thai: 9 Satra

Cartoon, Thailand

For centuries, the people of the kingdom of Ramtep lived in peace and prosperity. But when the lord of the dark forces, the mighty Lord Dehaikash, invaded the human world at the head of an army of monstrous creatures, no one was able to stop him. The kingdom was overrun by a terrible enemy and only the hope of liberation gave strength to the conquered people. The dream of overthrowing the invaders rested on the prophecy that a hero would appear capable of resisting the armies of darkness.

Ruang rak noi nid mahasan

Drama, melodrama

Kenji, a Japanese man, lives in Bangkok and works in a library. He suffers from excessive neatness and spends all his free time in his lifeless apartment thinking about suicide. His life unexpectedly changes when he witnesses the death of a girl named Nid seconds before he was about to jump off a bridge himself. The life paths of Kenji and his older sister Neid Noi intersect. Two lost lonely souls help each other find the meaning of existence.

Sang sattawat


The film is composed of passages of memory that begin abruptly and end without a logical ending. A dentist wants to become a singer and is interested in one of his patients, a Buddhist monk who dreams of becoming a disc jockey. One of the doctors awkwardly declares his desperate love for Dr. Toya (the main character), who associates him with a former crush she had for an orchid expert.

These are just some of the Thai films that deserve your attention. If you decide to take a closer look at the Kingdom’s cinematography, many pleasant surprises are waiting for you!


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