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Astro Asia | Cargo Insulation for Thermal Packaging & Shipping



Astro Asia | Cargo Insulation for Thermal Packaging & Shipping

Astro Asia Limited is a privately owned logistics and supply chain with headquarters in Hong Kong. Founded in 2017, this industry giant specializes in providing thermal protection solutions for companies that transport temperature-sensitive cargo. Such cargo calls for unique handling and storage to keep the temperatures stable from the customer’s warehouse to the final destination.

The Products

Astro Asia services bulk orders for the following products:

1.    Thermal Pallet Covers

The thermal pallet covers consist of insulation systems with a reflective barrier that helps to reduce the transfer of heat through radiation (direct sunlight), convection (draft), or conduction (direct contact). In turn, they keep the client’s cargo at a steady temperature throughout the journey. That way, the shipment arrives in the conditions as per the customers’ expectations.

2.    Container liners

Container liners provide insulation for cargo for weeks. Hence, they are ideal for ocean freight logistics companies that stay in transit for up to six weeks. Further, they minimize thermal shock as the cargo stays and the customs clearance station and proceeds inland to its final destination.

3.    Insulated Covers

These covers offer a reflective barrier that stabilizes temperatures in the cold chain. Often, the sheets may have coolants like ice packs or cold water to cater for long routes or dense shipments.

4.    PCM Cold Boxes

The reusable PCM cold boxes keep the temperature of fresh food and vaccine supplies constant for 6 to 24 hours. Upon offloading of the cargo, these collapsible boxes, they can be disassembled and stack together to return to the point of origin.

5.    Thermal Pallet Blankets for Cargo

The thermal blankets for cargo are suitable for air cargo and LCL shipments. They offer on the spot protection and temperature stabilization for the above freight. Since these blankets are reusable and recyclable, they are an affordable option for such companies.

Competitive Advantage

1.    Cost-Effective

The above products use high-quality insulator and reflective materials, including aluminum foil, Polyethylene micro-foam, and polyester wool. The company takes advantage of its economies of scale to keep the product prices reasonable, and within the prevailing economic conditions.

2.    Two-Tier System

All products by Astro Asia Limited make use of a two-tier system to preserve the cargo temperature. First, the radiant barrier system prevents up to 97% of the external heat from getting into the cargo. This way, it is passive protection that ensures your load stays fresh even without refrigeration. Second, the insulation layer keeps the interior heat intact until the goods reach their final destination. In turn, it is an eco-friendly and air-tight system with a high R rating.

3.    Extensive Networks

Astro Asia has an extensive network of strategic partners in the Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Europe.

This network enables the company to ship across the globe with no hitches. Plus, they can remain in control of their shipping costs.

4.    Use of Best Industry Practices

As a shipping and logistics company, Astro Asia stays abreast of the trends in the industry. In turn, is adapts best practices for the various types of shipping. These include sanitary compliance when transporting food and medicinal supplies. That way, it remains efficient as it matches the customers’ capacities.

Contact Information


Tel: +66 61 794 6840

Email: [email protected]




Though a new entrant, Astro Asia Limited proves to be a force to reckon with in the logistics and supply chain sectors. Customers who search for insulation contractors insist on the company’s state-of-the-art services.


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