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Are Couples Workshops Helpful in Healing Your Relationship?



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Couples workshops are an excellent way to enhance and heal your relationship. If you are the one who is searching for a couples workshops then this Gottman couple retreat is an ideal option for you. These workshops are backed by a strong body of research and time tested techniques so that the couples get the result just in the way they want.

Let us first understand the phases of a relationship

According to Dr. John Gottman, a couple sees three distinct phases in their relationship. In these phases of love or relationship, either the love will go deeper and deeper or it will deteriorate.

Have a look at the three phases of a relationship!


This stage of a relationship is also known as the honeymoon stage of love. It is the feeling of overwhelming and attraction when you start dating someone. While we sometimes consider this feeling having chemistry with the other one but is it true or it is just a mere attraction.

At this phase of the relationship, there are tons of love chemicals that release in our body. This is the most beautiful phase of a relationship where you attract to the positives of a person and not able to see the negative traits of the person. Most of the people enjoy this phase of their relationship.


Trust comes after the honeymoon stage of relation. After all, it is important to have trust in each other to have a successful relationship. This is the phase when your partner does his/her best to act according to the interest of the partner rather than thinking about your own interests.

In this phase, one knows that he/she has a back and there is someone standing behind them to support them in all your negatives and positives. By repairing poor communication, we can easily build trust in one another. Trust is the basic thing that strengths a relationship and can make it stronger.

After all, a person has to figure out whether a person has his/her back. This is the phase where at a point, the partner starts pointing fingers on one another. This is the stage where most of the fights, arguments, and conflicts start. The reason behind it is the lack of trust and interest to talk and to have good and healthy communication.

 Commitment and Relationship

Commitment is the third and the final phase of a relationship, in this a person thinks that the relationship they have is a lifelong relationship and they believe that it is a lifelong relationship. If things get difficult, both the partners work to improve it to make the relation lasts. With the help of a few tips, you can fulfill the commitment that you have made.

Like you should avoid comparing your partner to others unfavorably, apart from that, you should cherish the positives of the person. These are a few tips that are helpful in making your relationship last longer.  When it comes to making a relationship happier and last longer then make sure you first check-in what phase of the relationship you are. There are a few questions that will help you to strengthen your relationship.

First of all, figure out that at what stage your relationship is? Check what red flag is there in your relationship? If there are rising arguments and conflicts in your relationship then it is time to work on those and to look at what is the reason behind these arguments and conflicts. Make sure you have good communication with your partner so that you can resolve the conflicts within the right time so that the relationship can go last longer.

“The art and science of Love” workshop

This couples workshop is based on research that has been done by Dr. John and Dr. Julie Gottman. With their deeper knowledge regarding marriages and experience, these couple workshops are working really great. There are seven principles that work to make a marriage happier and last longer.

With the help of Gottman couples retreat, couples can get new insight related to their relationship that can help them in improving their relationship. It improves the level of intimacy as well as the friendship of the relationship. This workshop helps you to manage the conflicts in a productive and healthier manner.

Author Bio:

 Charlie Thomas is a mental healthcare enthusiast and content marketer. He wants to bring harmony among people who dealt with stress/ trauma in their personal life with the help of his creative writing skill. His writings are the gateway to awareness of Gottman Methods and Gottman Couple Retreat among couples and families.






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