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Abraham Lincoln University

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Abraham Lincoln University (ALU) are fully online university that offers Doctorate Degree, PhD, Master’s, Bachelor’s, Honors degree, Diploma, and Online courses in administration, management, and crime prevention. ALU regularly invests in pupil engagement, allowing academics, administrators, and our predominantly comprehensive successful professional learners to communicate in participant.

Currently attending a Juris Doctor degree at the Law department take only one program per semester on a single topic, focusing attention. On training suggestions and general motivation, ALU advises its legal learner to follow use of the social mentorship programmed, which provides assistance from talented students.


Abraham Lincoln University has become a major feature in Los Angeles until 1996, when its creator, Hyung J. Park, CPA and practicing lawyer, had the ambition to use the rising power of the web to offer a participant’s full curriculum totally available on the internet. Working adults would benefit from the convenience and accessibility of such a programmed, allowing them to remain their careers while pursuing advanced learning. The educational plan of Abraham Lincoln University generated.

He was happy to serve history’s working folks in their professional ambitions through online courses at Abraham Lincoln.  In 1996, he stated that the institution’s name was motivated by his affection for Abraham Lincoln personally when he established it. Reason to suggest Lincoln’s achievement in making income for the university purpose against adversity was the source of motivation he picked. His entire life as a student had been a struggle. Along the way, he has economic and medical hurdles, as well as difficulties between his commitments and his education.

Mr. Park drew his idea for the higher education institution from Abraham Lincoln, the 16th governor. Lincoln was consciously in politics and wanted to study and establish this nation’s regulatory agency. On November 19th, 1863, he gave emotional and inspirational comments during the renowned Gettysburg Address, which expresses a similar point of view that Mr. Park wants for nowadays.

Adult students are the emphasis of remote learning and classroom training. Mr. Park’s initial goal of utilizing the usefulness and simplicity of those who want to get a graduate degree while working full-time. ALU will maintain its history of mixing intellectually challenging training and educational with a fully student-centered educational process at all career stages.

To help with focusing Today, Abraham Lincoln Institute is a fully qualified institution offering actual and online programs at all degrees of the association. They have diplomas and licenses, undergraduate and graduate degrees, and a phd degrees in company management with regards to their degree program. The criminal law, legislation, and political sciences programmed at ALU have expanded. Your education from Abraham Lincoln Institute is entirely online, and you may get anything anywhere you have online connection.

What is Abraham Lincoln Campus’s goal?

There is a distinction between ALU and regular schools. Using their institution, online learning allows more security, personal service, and reduced expenses, allowing them to reach a wider clientele. In an online courses learning system, the entire globe is your university.

Learners can access on the web at any time and any place as provided as they have web access, freeing them up to attend to their other duties. Combining lesson recordings and educational resources, a day is accessible 24 hours per day, seven days per week, hands-on online courses are active, and instructors are contemporaries that very few web colleges can equal.

What are ALU’s Organizational Goals?

  • Conducting detailed educational and business activities in a transparent, honest, and collaborative manner.
  • Improving accessible and sustainability for a wide and non-traditional learners.
  • With a wide range of skills, certifying and government regulators incorporate integrity into learning programmes and support programs that equal or exceed requirements set.
  • In a wealthy to higher education and participates pupils providing an interactive, innovation range teaching process that spreads direct exposure, video production, and a consultant’s point of view into the education system, expertise for admission or development the necessary competencies in areas of work or academic subjects.
  • Improve the probability for long-term workplace success by improving competency in conversation, critical reasoning, teamwork, and data use.
  • To promote academic understanding of course content, give quick reviews as well as defined key results. Evaluation of policies, courses, and programmes
  • Participating in a continual improvement approach to ensure that students retain their knowledge of programmed and curriculum goals.

What are organizational entities’ educational goals?

The ALU organizational educational goals are those abilities, concepts, beliefs, and attributes that the organization considers significant for all pupils. The syllabus is structured on a number of concrete goals created for a global audience of existence students eager to participate in order to generate expertise. These goals are divided into four types, which include: Flexibility, critical reasoning, transparency, continual learning, and digital skills are all important aspects of the workplace.

When did Abraham University have its start?

Hyung J. Park, Chairman and Founder of Abraham Lincoln Institute, established it in 1996. To provide available ALU mission, reasonable training to single professionals who may be neglected by established practices, To provide available ALU mission, free higher education to ordinary workers who may be underrepresented by existing institutions, To acquire their JD.

Particularly for individuals who have limited time following other commitments to study part-time law school. ALU aspires to educate an extremely capable and varied student population from all age categories, viewpoints, and experiences

Enrollment and Credentialing:

The Council on Accreditation for Online Classes:

Abraham Lincoln University was founded by the Online Educational Certifying Council. The Committee for Higher Education Administration (CHEA) is a body that accredits higher education system. The DEAC is a recognized certifying organization by the US Department of Education.

Higher Learning Accredited professional Committee:

CHEA partner university ALU is accredited by the Postgraduate Certifying Commission. CHEA is an organization of 3000 graduate program academic institutions that represents the US Parliament and the US Ministry of Education as a national authority for independent certification and quality management.

Final words:

I attempted to provide information on Abraham Lincoln Institute; but, if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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