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7 Dos And Don’ts for Using a Vehicle Roof Rack Safely



7 Dos And Don'ts for Using a Vehicle Roof Rack Safely

Road trips are a fun way of exploring the raw beauty of nature. Setting camp in the wilderness and waking up to a flawless gleam of sunlight is a spectacular feeling. But packing for road trips can be an excruciating task, especially if you are traveling with your family. With limited storage space inside your car will make it very difficult to carry your camping, biking, or boating essentials to the site without a roof rack.

Roof racks are the best solution to ensure you carry everything you need for the trip without having to worry about compromising space inside the car.

Feel like trying out a roof rack for your car? Well, brands have come up with easy to install roof rack kits you can swiftly assemble at home. With a few simple steps, the rack is ready for use. Just make sure to keep these seven essential dos and don’ts in mind while installing for a safe experience.

1. Do Read The Instruction Manual

Roof rack kits are designed for easy installation. Companies share detailed instructions on how to assemble them on your car in the instruction manual. Before you begin the installation, make sure to go through the instructions carefully. This way, you can assemble any tools required before starting the process of installation. Also, ask for help if you feel like you will need it. It will make sure your work completes quickly and safely.

Remember, many people end up causing scratches and dents in their cars because they ignore the instructions. So, the best way to safely install a land cruiser ute on your land cruiser or any other vehicle is to read the instructions before you even unbox the parts.

2. Don’t Keep Them When Not In Use

The easy to install roof rack kits come in handy because you can assemble or remove them whenever you please. Although they are pretty lightweight and come in charming sleek designs, they add additional weight to your car. It could affect the fuel economy and increase wind noise while driving at higher speeds. The best way to avoid these challenges is to remove them when not in use.

3. Do Check The Weight Limits

Understanding the weight limits of your roof rack is critical to travel safely. The instruction manual will give you the information about the maximum load to carry safely. In most cases, the roof rack can handle more weight than the bar on your car. Make sure to check both these values before loading your luggage for a safe journey.

4. Don’t Ignore The Extra Height

Roof racks add some height to your car. You need to keep this in mind, especially if you have loaded them with boxes, kayaks, or camping gear. Mind this height change when going through drive-ins, mall parking, or even your garage. This extra height is especially a problem if you are driving an SUV vehicle.


Ask for a watch out while driving into such areas if you are unsure of the roof rack kit fitting. This way, you can avoid damage to your car as well as your belongings.

5. Do Load Up The Rack Correctly

Properly loading the rack is the key to a safe journey. Loading heavy boxes or things like boats and kayaks may be challenging on your own. Get the necessary help to place them properly for the best results.

Also, remember to tie down the items to the front and back of the car apart from the racks. Heavy winds and high speeds can cause things to shift or lift the roof rack. They could easily slip away if you fail to tie them down properly and cause severe damage.

6. Don’t Ignore The Speed Limits

Lots of roof rack kits come with maximum speed rating details. Read these instructions carefully and mind them while driving. The speed rating reflects on the ability of the roof rack to hold the weight while experiencing drag and lift forces. Exceeding these recommended limits could cause the rack to detach from the roof and damage your car.

7. Do Pay Attention To Lubing And Torque Settings

Make sure to get the right torque settings while installing the rack. Poorly fitted or overly tightened racks can damage your car. It will also not hold your luggage correctly and could lead to rack breaking from increased weight. Remember to get the settings right every time you install for the best usage.

With time, the connectors, such as the mounting bolts, will require some maintenance to function adequately. So make sure to lubricate these joints well to make installation simpler.


Installing roof racks using the kit can be a challenging experience, especially the first few times. These simple tricks listed here will help you learn the best ways to install them properly and safely. Now, you can keep or remove the roof racks whenever you please without having to take a trip to the garage every time. So, feel free to explore roof racks kits of several brands on the market to make the right choice for your use.

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