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6 Things to Consider When Dealing With Resume Writing Services



6 Things to Consider When Dealing With Resume Writing Services

Resume services are not necessarily bad, yet it’s almost common knowledge that most of them have less than optimal business practices.

There are tons of resume companies out there to choose from such as Resume Writing Services or TopResume. Some of these resume services are going to dedicate their time and effort to provide you a flawless and irresistible resume, while others dedicate their time and effort into putting their grubby hands on your hard earned money.

Want to avoid such a terrible experience? Dive in and read more about the bad practices of a majority of resume writing services out there. You’ll be able to spot a rotten apple from a mile away after this.

Resume Factories

Also referred to as resume “mills”. These services guarantee nothing but cookie-cutter and stiff resumes written by inexperienced and oftentimes inadequate writers. If the price is too good to be true, then it probably is.

How do we spot one of these factories/mills?

  • No samples
  • No or extremely limited contact information
  • No consultation services
  • No way to get in touch with a real person
  • No physical address on their website
  • Cheap

Whatever you pay for your resume, expect that same quality. You’ll get something similar to what you could have typed up yourself in about twenty minutes.

Strict Guidelines

Understandably, guidelines are important to make the procedure an overall better experience for both you and the writer, but we’re talking about extensively strict guidelines. Whether it’s an absolute unbendable page limit, or a cap on the number of bullet points per section, it often feels as if these writers are only seeing you for your money.

There are services that genuinely care about your success, you just have to pick the right ones.

Everyone is a “Professional”

The term “professional” is taken lightly nowadays and It’s often hard to pinpoint whether or not your writer is genuinely a professional or not — until the last minute. You’ll be able to tell right away when you glance at your resume and everything, from the core grammar to the format, seem really off. You can’t just trust their “professional” title.

When communicating with your writer, make sure to ask lots of questions and for their testimonials and samples. There’s less worry when the writer is from a credible resume writing service, but it never hurts to ask questions.

Straight-Up Scams

Even worse than resume factories, are the straight up scammers. These companies will operate for a few months, shut down, and then spring back up under a new alias.

These websites tend to look professional, offering amazing deals such as unlimited revisions and guaranteed interviews, and a bunch of unfeasible things.

Unlike a resume factory, these “services” — if you can even call it that — charge regular prices or on the expensive side.

But, don’t worry, they are also easy to spot.

  • Abnormally high prices with no justification
  • No customer reviews (or terrible ones)
  • No or limited contact information
  • No way to contact a real person
  • No physical address on website

Once you pay, you’ll most likely never hear from them ever again.

Tone Incompatibility

After years of writing, many writers develop a subconscious tone or writing style, which may work for some clients yet not for others. If you find the resume unsatisfactory, either you ask for a revision (which is not always free) or you stick with a resume that is not compatible with how you want to present yourself.

Asking for samples is a great way for you to get a better understanding of your specific writer.

“Just For Fun Writers”

Oftentimes, writers may pursue resume and cover letter writing simply in the transition period between their old job and a new opportunity. Even if these writers are able to make your resume “flow” and use descriptive words to pamper it up, you could probably do that yourself without spending a hundred dollars.

There’s a big distinction between someone who likes to write stories and someone that has trained to write a resume that will get you hired. Ask them about their experience.

To Wrap Up

Not all resume writing companies are money hungry monsters; There are legit and professional ones that offer great deals for the prices they charge. Yet, there’s risk in any industry, and resume writing is no expectation.

Crucial things to take away from this article is

  1. If something looks too good to be true, then it mostly likely is.
  2. Contact the company and don’t be afraid to “interview” them.
  3. How is their public image? Do they even have one? If not, that’s a big red flag.

Whether you’re too busy with day to day life or having a hard time hearing back from employers, there are many great resume writing services that can help alleviate your stress and pressure.

If you remember the warning signs and what to look for, you’ll have no trouble finding a great resume writing service for your needs. Feel free to come back to this article when you decide to explore your resume writing service options!


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