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6 Important SEO Tips For Cannabis Businesses Website

The above are a few SEO tips for growing cannabis business. These tips will help you in getting the right customers and increase your revenue.



Cannabis website SEO

The cannabis industry is gaining a lot of attention from the past few years.  The miracle drug is not just limited to its recreational and medicinal use, but it is now tapping on other industries, too, like skincare and edibles.

Now is the best time to start your business in the cannabis industry. Just like any other business, your cannabis business also needs a strong website presence for it to succeed. It requires marketing to reach the right audience, and people should arrive at your website or store through organic search. You can increase the visitors count through organic search by practicing SEO. So, let’s first understand what SEO is.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization for a Cannabis Website

Search engine optimization is an organic marketing method to increase quality traffic to your website. Most consumers search for a product or service online by typing in their query in the search bar. The search engine displays a list of web pages with a probable answer to their question. Doing SEO helps in increasing your site’s rankings. The chances of people reaching your website increase with better site rankings. The best part is, it is free and is the number one source of leads.

Here are the Six Essential SEO Tips for Cannabis Businesses

1. Keywords

The topmost priority while doing SEO for your website should be on researching and finalizing the keywords. Keywords are the phrases explored by people in the search engine and the ones that describe your site. Using the right keyword is beneficial for SEO and content optimization. It is essential to do keyword analysis because it decides the audience for your website. To reach people interested in cannabis that can later be your clients, you should use keywords related to your industry. For instance, if you want your North American and Canadian audience to visit a site exhibiting high-quality cannabis strains,then shatter online canada is a great keyword. You can do a competitor analysis, look into paid ads, and research on what queries are used by people. When you understand what your consumers are looking for, you can accordingly start working on your content, which brings us to the next point.

2. Customer Testimonials

Customer review helps in understanding their thoughts on your products and services. It also helps in increasing the website rankings. You can request your buyers for feedback within a week of their product purchase.

Their whole product ordering and consumption experience will be fresh in their mind, which helps them in giving an authentic review. Search engines track these reviews, which adds credibility to your cannabis business.

Search engines trust the customer testimonials, and it starts suggesting your cannabis business to others, which increases traffic to your website. Customer testimonials are essential to building trust among new customers.

For eg; positive testimonials on skywalker OG seeds would eventually lead to more traffic on your website, which may lead to more conversions over time.

Having a blog helps with the website ranking. A blog will let you put up good quality content along with the keyword that will attract audiences from your industry. You must upload fresh content to your website consistently to rank on the first page. The probability of a person browsing on a site with engaging and informative content is higher than browsing a site with poor content. Write content on topics that are beneficial for your audience.

Blogs related to the usage, benefits, types, and who can use cannabis are some of the trending articles that everyone can benefit from. Another advantage of writing good content is that there is a higher chance that after reading your post, the visitor will share it. When they share your post, it will attract more audiences and repeat visitors. Your website starts to rank higher in the search engines algorithm.

4. Backlinks

When trying to rank your cannabis website, you must work on the backlinks. These are the links from other sites that direct to your site. It will help if you collaborate with other trustworthy cannabis websites for high-quality links. Certain websites ask for guest writers, where you can write blogs with keywords that direct to your site. You can also earn backlinks by leaving constructive comments on high-authority cannabis-related websites. Express your views and appreciate their knowledgeable blog, and end your comment with your site’s link and productive query. Contribute to cannabis-related forums in a way that looks professional and does not look like spam.

5. Mobile-friendly website

Mobile visitors make up for the maximum portion of website viewers. The chances of viewers converting into clients are higher in the case of smartphone users than desktop users. That is why you must do mobile optimization. Use a mobile-friendly theme for your marijuana website that gives your guests a pleasant experience irrespective of their screen size. The chances of guests returning to your site are higher only if they had a good time browsing through your site on their mobile device. Take into account the page load time to minimize the bounce rate, which is also an essential factor for website ranking. For this, optimize the images, minimize codes, and reduce redirects. Take care of your web page loading speed, as you do not want to risk losing precious audiences, as well as they might have a negative opinion towards your business. You definitely do not want to upset any audience; therefore, practice mobile-optimization.

6. Google Analytics

Lastly, since you are following so many SEO suggestions, it is time to see how well they are working for your website. Google Analytics is a vital tool to examine whether your SEO methods are performing well or not. It provides you a detailed report of your cannabis website’s performance and shows where the traffic is coming from. It will show you what other phrases the visitors use to discover your website.

You can analyze your blog performance by seeing the quantity and quality of leads. A blog post with a high bounce rate is not that appreciated by the audience as compared to the ones with a low bounce rate. Other data include geographical segmentation, gender, and the time of visit. Based on all these data, you can plan a new strategy to improve your SEO.


The above are a few SEO tips for growing cannabis business. These tips will help you in getting the right customers and increase your revenue. Therefore, go on and use these techniques to build your marijuana brand and share it with the world. –





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