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6 Baby Brands and Products in Thailand That Parents Love



Baby Brands and Products

In Thailand, there are so many options for buying baby products like pushchairs, prams, strollers and the like. Even more it can often become quite a mire, digging through hundreds of known, unknown and generic brands. Above all to the point were no closer to getting what we want.

Worse still, there are many different brands out there that may look the part but are actually really not up to the task. Thankfully, according to Babyhills, there are some tried and tested names that ex-pats who live in Thailand and Thais alike stick to and love.

Daiichi Car Seat

Perhaps more well known by locals than by ex-pats, Daiichi makes some seriously good, and more importantly, safe, accessories. The ‘My First 7’ seat is ergonomically designed, has a four-level degree adjustment (up to 146 degrees) and has proven to be a long-standing, ‘one-time charge’ steal in the fact that it can be used from ages 0-7 years. Baby mode, double-sided impact padding and an inbuilt seatbelt for older children make this a firm favourite for many.

 Mountain Buggy Stroller

 This brand is renowned worldwide for quality, and with good reason. Mountain Buggy manufacture everything from carrycots and high chairs, to bag riders and all manner of strollers. They are known for being compact, lightweight and extremely durable, with a price tag that makes them accessible to anyone with a young family, whether it be in Thailand or the rest of the world.

 iCandy Stroller

 This brand absolutely exploded onto the market in recent years; whilst their price point is a little higher for a lot of people, it brings with it an incredible jump in quality. They are consistently highly rated amongst consumer publications and websites, with a nearly constant 5/5 rating in terms of safety and quality. What’s more, they offer a no-hassle 30-day money-back guarantee; if the customer is not happy after this time, they get a full refund. They are as popular in the East as they are in Europe and the USA, which is testament to their product quality.

Jellymom Baby Seat

 Definitely more popular in the far east than any other continent, this predominantly Korean based company mix popularity, quality and budget and have proven to be somewhat of a mainstay with parents in Thailand and further afield. Their products are slightly less diverse in range, but that is by no means a bad thing; they have crafted a good, popular product line, including baby seats and car seats with seat belts, ‘Y belts’ and other well constructed, quality tested safeguards. They really are proof that sometimes, we do not need to spend a huge amount of money to get the results we want.

Harmas Hip Seat

Harmas craft a beautiful and comfortable product each time. With a low price point, they have managed to pack in a lot of features with their product line. Their hip seats feature premium organic cotton, memory foam and absorbent material for those unfortunate accidents. As well as a minimal, timeless design that is not needed to change since their inception. Harmas also features an array of innovative seats that double up as a potty. Making them ideal for use during those formative years.

Snuz Baby Bed

 They say there is nothing better than a comfy bed, and for babies, that means Snuz. They are an especially budget-friendly brand. Widely available in all continents worldwide, and with simplistic, ergonomic designs. Cot beds and changeable thickness mattresses are just some of their trademark products. Also they have also been popular thanks to their flexibility with payment options.


 In summary, Thailand may feel like a hard place to pick up tried and trusted brands of baby products; sometimes, that may be true. Other times, it just means a higher price tag. But many people overlook a lot of the indigenous, premium baby cots, beds, strollers and seats, which is amazing when one looks at what is available. Thailand is just as well served for comfortable, quality baby goods as anywhere else in the world.


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