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5 Tips to Building a Perfect Team for your Work or Business




In the contemporary business world, teamwork is the other name of success. Every successful operation requires tasks that need to be handled by more than one person. Say if you are a manager of any organization and you are provided with a big task to do that holds a significant value to the company.

You would not plunge into it yourself alone, as the big task can not possibly be done by one person. It would of course be too big of a responsibility and effort for one person. Therefore, you require a team to do it, to divide and conquer. The phenomenon as explained must be quite attractive?

“But all glitters are not gold. Teamwork can be quite complicated and as the work is divided into members of the team, even if one of the members fails to do the task as required the whole team has to bear the consequences. It can in the end be very frustrating when you do your best to do something and end up failing just because a partner of yours was not focused enough. In case this continues happening and recruiting new talent comes to a standstill there are other options you can explore””

This is the reason I am explaining a few of the steps you can take to improve your team as a whole and successfully manage your team.

Give Recognition to the Team Member:

Now the first thing you have to keep in mind being a leader is that you have to understand each member of your team and make them feel important. The first step you introduce yourself to the members if they don’t already know you, make them feel that you are a friend and would help them work instead of just bossing them around.

Then you ask them to introduce themselves so that not only you would get the basic knowledge of the members but also all of them would get to know each other. Next you need to focus on each of the members individually. You need to talk to them yourself one by one and understand them. That at the end of the day they would know that the one leading us is responsible and is watching us.

Give a Task According to the Capacity:

We all know there are certain people who are more creative and can think more deeply than others, no offense but there are. Being the boss, you have to identify the members of your team in three categories personally. The first that can take complex work, the work that includes brainwork and intellectuality. The second that can work practically and for the fieldwork, and the third to carry on the work left.

If you somehow give your complex work to those who are capable of doing practical work more than the intellectual work what will the end result be? Failure definitely. The key is to identify people’s capacities and provide work accordingly.

To do so you can divide them with the help of creative things. Such as naming them differently, or using different types of lanyards for different members, or badges et cetera. You can get different types of custom lanyards from 4inlanyards.

The Give and Take Concept:

The next step is to introduce the give and take concept among members. If they do any task excellently make sure to give them anything from mere recognition to bonus on their teamwork performance. This ensures their sincerity to work. Not only that it also motivates others. What if one of the members is getting something in return other than the regular pay, they all get then why not them, hence, as a result, they start working hard themselves. That is a win-win situation for you where all of them are competing for something that collectively is benefiting who? You.

Micromanaging at Work is a Mistake:

Do NOT, I repeat do not keep an eye on every little thing your employee does. It is a mistake. Okay, let’s put yourself in that situation where you actually keep an eye on everything that your employee does, all in all, you are a very strict boss what would be the result? The members will get tired of the attitude and would result in turnover from the job, worst not a good quality of work. All they would focus on will be to get the job done not the quality measurement of the work. You would have not so much better results after that.

Think outside the box. We all human beings are basically animals and liberty is what we are given naturally. If anyone tries to stop us from that it is in our nature to not exactly like the person. Instead focus on the bigger picture. Let them be more creative and act like a leader not a boss.

Effective Teamwork Communication:

Last but not the least, talk elaborately. When you provide tasks to your employees make sure to mention everything. Okay let me put it this way when you are giving out instructions on how to do work think of the members as small kids and explain to them the simplest of the thing. It would seem silly to them and to you as well at the moment but believe me it saves you a lot of time and energy. The results would have lesser mistakes and it would be more like you wish them to be.

Other than that, you have to properly communicate the tasks to each member individually. Make sure that they get all the points properly and do not miss anything. Because if they do, they will waste both time and resources and also your energy, as you have to explain to them what you already thought you did.

It is better to communicate in writing because people have this common habit of forgetting things. When it comes to written communication, they possibly cannot miss a single thing. On handling a big team like construction field, it would be better to use workforce management solution to communicate and manage the team well.

The above steps are what people normally miss because they are too common to miss. Understanding and attention are key substitutes in the solution of perfect teamwork.



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