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5 Human Resources HR Department Trends to Look Out For



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Businesses around the world have faced lots of new challenges in recent months, and Human Resources HR departments have been at the front of the response, dealing with having to organize remote working, and looking at the workforce as a whole. With the landscape of business changing quickly, what HR trends should we be looking out for?

Here are five trends that are likely to shape HR in the near future.

Managing Remote Workers

Businesses have had to make significant changes to the way they work in recent months with many workers having to work from home. However, when things can return to normal, don’t necessarily expect them to do so.

Not everyone will continue to work from home, but plenty of people will.

This means HR departments have to adapt and find ways of facilitating work from home at a high level. It will provide challenges, but the technology is there to allow companies to pivot to work from home without missing a beat.

Data Driven

Businesses have access to exponentially growing data, and within that data are lots of clues as to how to improve business performance. As companies become more efficient at extracting these insights, strategies will become more data driven, and HR will play an important role in communicating these new goals.

This means HR departments will need the HR software that allows them to understand data and turn it into a useful tool for improving efficiency.

Human Centric

It might seem like data driven, and human centric aren’t particularly compatible. It’s only natural that technology such as AI starts to play a greater role in business, but that doesn’t mean HR departments can move away from a human centric approach.

With the role of technology growing in the workplace, we need to focus even more on the human side of things and making sure we use technology to provide the best environment for our employees to work in. Businesses are built around people, and HR still needs to ensure they work for employees and management alike.


The HR department is a key part of businesses, and as such, we want to make them as efficient as possible. Some jobs are just time consuming, though, and with the right software, you don’t need much human resources input.

The more you can automate the simple tasks, the more you can free your staff up to take care of the HR tasks that make a difference to the business. Automating the basic processes allows you to get the most out of your staff and make a bigger difference within the business.

Involvement in the Community

This has been a trend that we have seen for a while now, with businesses becoming more and more involved in their communities.

The great thing about this is that everyone benefits. From an HR standpoint, getting people involved in projects in the community can be a great team building exercise. It helps build the positive environment employees thrive in, boosting morale and performance.


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