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5 Hacks for Applying Sunscreen To Your Kids



5 Hacks for Applying Sunscreen To Your Kids

When summertime rolls around, that means lots of family fun—breaking out the pool floats, heading to the local beach, or having a nice BBQ. But it also means the sun’s heat is much hotter than it would be in other seasons.

Exposure to the sun for extended periods can lead to some skin irritation (which we all know is unpleasant).

That’s why wearing sunscreen is important, especially for children. They’ll be running around in the sun for most of the day, so extra protection is necessary.

But the challenge is getting them to put it on. Your kids may seem annoyed by its application, but here are a few ways you can apply it without making them too uncomfortable.

1. Use a Makeup Brush

Now you may have raised your eyebrows for a second, but don’t be alarmed. Kids often complain about how sticky sunscreen is—primarily when you’re applying it to their faces using your hand.

Before you know it, you’ll chase them around to finish the job so they can enjoy the sun.

To lessen the headache, you can use a makeup brush. It’s less messy than using your hands, and your children won’t feel uncomfortable while you apply it. Here’s what you do:

  1. Pour a small amount onto the brush
  2. Next, dab a small amount on their nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead
  3. Then use sweeping motions to apply the sunscreen across their fa

Voila! Sunscreen is applied instantly, and your child won’t complain about it getting in their eyes.

And you won’t have to do any unwanted cardio chasing them around.

2. Try Roll-On Sunscreen

Another tip to get your children wearing sunscreen is using a roll-on variant. These are less invasive than creams and sprays, and some are specifically designed for kids.

Apply a generous amount until you see a visible layer of the substance.

Then rub it in for maximum protection. You’ll have a stress-free experience, and your child won’t even know they’re wearing sunscreen.

3. Use Sunscreen Spray (When Necessary)

Sunscreen sprays are popular for adults because applying them is easy and removes the messy experience of using creams.

However, when it comes to applications for children, you may want to use it as a last resort.

Eventually, you’ll have to work your way to a child’s face, and you definitely don’t want to spray the substance anywhere near their eyes or mouth.

Instead, you could spread it into your hands and rub it carefully in the correct places.

Ideally, this should be a last resort or a top-up method for your initial layer of protection.

But you’ll have to use a generous amount because the spray may get lost in the wind as you try and apply it.

4. Car Seat Tactics

If you have older children, this method might not interest you (but you’re more than welcome to try it if you like!) However, you may want to break the notepad out if you have toddlers.

As you know, applying sunscreen to a young child is quite the experience, and you often forget to do it before you leave the house.

But instead of waiting until you reach your final destination (no pun intended), you can apply sunscreen while your toddler is in their car seat.

You won’t have much issue putting it to their face because they have nowhere to run to.

5. Make a Game Out of It

As a parent, creativity is your middle name when it comes to getting your child to do things they don’t want to.

When it comes to sunscreen, there have been plenty of interesting experiences, but that’s what makes parenting fun—you get to outwit your kids occasionally.

Try creating a sunscreen game to get your child to wear it without them knowing.

You can use a timer to see who puts it on the quickest overall or do a turn-based variation per body part with the timer for some extra fun.

Use These Hacks to Get Your Child Wearing Sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential for protecting your child from the sun’s UV rays.

But no matter how often you explain it, they may have an issue with the substance because of how sticky it feels.

However, with the hacks above, you’ll be able to apply sunscreen easily and have a better experience.

You can use a makeup brush, roll on applicators or sprays, and use creative tactics to apply it.

Try figuring out what method is more suitable for your child’s needs. Then you’ll be able to have stress-free summer because they will be more accepting of sunscreen.

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