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5 Best Shares to Buy in Successful African Companies



5 Best Shares to Buy in Successful African Companies

Today there is a growing number of successful African companies, so there are many opportunities for impressive returns if you pick and invest in the right stocks. So, if you’re looking to add African stocks from long-standing companies to your portfolio, read on. In this article, we’ve listed some of the best stocks that you could buy in 2021.

Access Bank Plc

Access Bank Plc was founded in 1989 and it’s based in Lagos, Nigeria. Since then, it has built a remarkable reputation and has grown as an international company with over 300 branches. Actually, Access Bank is a well-known and established financial institution that offers a range of financial products and services for numerous sectors, including private, retail, corporate, non-institutional sector and institutional sectors across Africa and Europe.

Access Bank Plc had revenue of 621.35 billion NGN last year, and it’s also the company had a growth in sales by 36.58%. When it comes to its market cap, Access Bank Plc has a market cap of 282.01 billion NGN.


Naspers is a long-established company founded in 1915 by Jannie Marais and has become one of the largest technology investors worldwide. This multinational company is incorporated in South Africa. It has a wide assortment of services, including payment solutions, food delivery, online advertising, e-commerce, gaming, fintech, and more. This public media company offers its high-quality services to over 100 countries around the world.

Naspers has achieved a growth in revenue of 30.73% and total revenue of 59.17 billion ZAC in 2020. Naspers has a market cap of 1.57 trillion ZAC. If you’re just starting out as an investor and you’re considering investing in stocks, then make sure to visit, where you will learn more about the best share that you can buy in South Africa. Also, it features useful, in-depth information to help you set up your account and start trading.


Grindrod is one of the most reputable and recognizable African companies in South Africa. It was formed in 1910, and today it has over 5,500 employees and subsidiaries in more than 30 countries around the world. It provides freight logistics, shipping services, and financial services.

In addition, one of the focuses of the company is a valuable investment in infrastructure and working to find and deliver the most efficient and economic logistic services. What’s more, the company has a steady annual revenue of 8% for the last couple of years. When it comes to its revenue, it has closed 2020 with a revenue of 167.15 million ZAR. The market capitalization of Grindrod is 1.37 billion ZAR.

Curro Holdings

Curro Holdings is a long-established company formed in 1998 that operates and owns schools across South Africa and Namibia. More specifically, it develops and manages independent schools that offer education from preschool to grade 12. Crucial aspects of Curro Holdings are Curro and Meridian. The Curro segment includes Curro Academy Schools, Curro Castles, Select Schools, and Teacher Training College.

On the other hand, The Meridian is known for its ancillary services. Furthermore, they offer educational services to over 40,000 students in more than 100 schools throughout Namibia and South Africa and have over 6,000 employees. Curro Holdings is one of the major brands in this sector and has had an annual increase in sales of 17.95% and revenue of 2.94 billion ZAR in 2019. The company’s market cap is 5.95 billion ZAR in 2021.

Maroc Telecom

Maroc Telecom is a well-established telecommunications company headquartered in Rabat, Morocco, founded in 1976. As a major company in Morocco, it provides communication, prepaid, mobile internet services, postpaid, and other services across the country. Moreover, it has a great range of products, such as landline phones and mobile phone lines. This company is known as the main provider of Internet services in Morocco.

The company employees more than 10,000 people and has over 220 offices nationwide. It’s also worth mentioning that Maroc Telecom launched the IPTV package by Huawei Technology in 2006. This was never done before in Morocco and in Africa. In 2020, the company achieved a revenue of 18.32 billion EUR and revenue growth of 1.35%. As of 2021, the company has a market cap of 11.68 billion EUR.


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