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15 Tricks to Sell Your House



sell your house

If you plan to put your house up for sale, we are going to give you some tips so that you can sell it in less than 7 days. At Skymarketing we want to make it easier for you to sell your house and, although we will buy it for you in record time, we are going to give you some tips that can help you do it in other ways.

There has been an evolution in the real estate sector in recent years with the entry of online real estate portals and new technologies.  The real estate buying and selling process is being digitized very quickly, therefore, selling your house are now easier and faster than ever. Of course, we must know what tools and opportunities the sector offers us since the options are increasing.

15 Tricks to sell your house

At first glance, it seems that selling a home is an easy task, but it requires organization and preparation to be able to sell it in record time. However, do not despair, be patient and follow these tips:

1. Documentation for sale.

First of all, before placing an ad or the “for sale” sign, check that you have all the documentation for the apartment in your possession. Deeds, community certificates, energy certificates… And above all make sure they are in order. If you don’t meet this requirement, selling your home will be impossible. And if you try to update the papers while you begin the process of selling your house, the sale will be messier and with more paperwork than necessary.

Once all the necessary documentation is gathered, the purchase and sale process will be carried out through a Notary Public and will be presented at the Property Registry. In the case of not having all this paperwork in order, the process of selling your home will slow down and may increase the associated costs.

2. Research the market.

Know the real estate market. Of all the tips for selling a home, this one is especially important. You must investigate in what situation the market is to know if it is the best time to sell your apartment. In addition, in this way, you will know how to assess it correctly so that when you receive offers, you know for sure whether to accept it or not. You can check what price other neighbors in the area or homes in the region have set with similar characteristics to your home.

3. Reform.

If your house is outdated, a good option for it to revalue up to 20% is to reform it and renew its image. In this way, your apartment will have many advantages over other houses without reform and consequently, the value of your apartment will increase. Try to gain a few meters, for example, by pulling a partition. A good option would be to renovate bathrooms and kitchen, two of the points that are most affected when evaluating a flat. Another strong point that a buyer fixes on are the doors, windows, and floors: not only for an aesthetic issue but also helps the energy sustainability of the home.

Maybe you don’t want to invest money in a house with a big reform. Even so, if there is any damage in the home such as doorknobs, damaged windows, or very old plugs, changing them may be a good idea.

4. Clean.

Especially in the kitchen and in the bathrooms it is important to clean them thoroughly. In the event that you sell your house with a storage room, the organization and order in these places make an important difference. Ventilating the home or using air fresheners, in the event that the owner is a smoker or has animals, are gestures that help future visitors to get a good impression of the home.

5. Depersonalize and decorate your floor.

Decorate your house so that it is visually perfect. The first impression is key and you must show your house pristine since the buyer is going to make a significant investment and will look at the smallest detail. Warm colors, order, and adding certain details always help. You can put candles or plants that are impersonal and generate comfort and quality. What we will have to eliminate will be all those elements such as paintings, posters, or magazines. These types of elements limit the possibility that the future buyer imagines living in that apartment.

6. Lighting.

A home can change a lot and look especially better with the right lighting. Changing a bulb to convey more warmth, removing the curtains, or enhancing certain colors can be good keys to achieving the goal.

7. Request an appraisal of your home.

This point is not fundamental and requires a cost. Even so, it can help you when setting a price since it gives you the exact value of the property. Therefore, we recommend that if you have the opportunity, it gives a fairly accurate idea of ​​what can be obtained in the sale of the home. We have to bear in mind that the appraisal price does not correspond to the market price.

8. Price of the house for sale.

When establishing the price of the house it is important to have done an analysis of the supply in the area previously. This will help you to know the market price for the property you want to sell your house. It is important not to play with the price: many times some sellers put the sale price too high to try their luck. Normally these types of decisions are very negative since the ad ends up saturating. If a competitive price is established there should be no problem in terms of sales times. Therefore, this point is essential.

9. Post on real estate portals.

Nowadays the real estate sector moves mainly through the Internet, that is, all the properties to be sold are published on the Internet and all buyers look for their future apartments through the Internet. Of course, do not think that selling your apartment online is easy and fast: you will have to make an effort so that every detail of the sale is in perfect magazine condition.

We have to take into account all the details: if the buyer sees the first photo of your ad and it is of poor quality or is from a room that is not representative (for example, the storage room), they will probably not stop to look at your ad and you will lose the potential buyer. This is just an example, but it is also applicable to the attitude you have during calls and visits or also to the care of the apartment that you are going to teach.

With the change of era and the arrival of new digital media, numerous marketplaces have emerged where to publish the ad. In portals such as Nphp you can advertise the property for free. You will reach people who are interested in buying in your area.

And also people who are interested in a home with the characteristics of yours: there are many filters that these platforms provide and help to position your home. In this way, people will be able to find your home and obtain information about it without having to move. The greater the visibility, the greater the possibility of finding a buyer for your apartment.

10. Attractive advertisement

It is not only about publishing the house but also about generating attractive content: photographs are essential. Perhaps it would be necessary to consider hiring a professional to have photographs of the highest quality and that they bring out the best in the home. Light, space, and warmth are fundamental characteristics in a photograph.

One photograph per stay will serve as a general rule. The quality of the photos is more important than the quantity, therefore, you should take it with a professional camera. And most importantly, you must turn on all the lights and raise all the blinds so that the house is as bright as possible. In addition, there are web pages where they allow you to publish a video of your house and this can be interesting because let’s say it would be a kind of virtual visit.

Not only the photographs are important, a detailed description of the house: square meters and tools, energy certification, elevator, house plan … Providing data on commercial services, education centers, cultural centers, or transport services are always positive to push the buyer to decide.

11. Update the posts.

Updating the publications and being attentive to the announcements of the house that we have for sale is important. We already know that it can be a task that makes you spend some time, but monitoring the descriptions and contributing more photographs so that your ad is refreshed and appears among the first in the portals can be a good strategy.

From fifteen days after the ad is published, interest begins to drop and it shows less to potential buyers. It is at this moment when we will have to self-criticize our publication and try to optimize it to the maximum.

12. Answer all calls

Many times it can be tedious to have to deal with certain stakeholders who simply want to take a look or find out. There are people who have no real interest in buying and are simply analyzing the possibilities that they would have.

Despite this, it is important to be patient and answer each of the calls and emails we receive from potential stakeholders. You never know who a potential buyer might be. Therefore, with patience and knowing that you have to dedicate time to it, we will be able to sell our home as soon as possible.

13. Visiting hours

Buying a home is a very important decision and therefore we must be very sure that it really is the house of our dreams. Therefore, when we make an appointment to visit our house, it is essential to get the best out of the property and that also depends on the time of day.

The luminosity of the house is a key point in this. A home will always look more attractive when there are hours of daylight than when it is getting dark and needs artificial light. This is why we must organize the different visits at times when it benefits the property.
Generally, noon is a perfect time to teach it, since a lot of light enters. It depends a lot on the orientation of your home but the goal is always the same: make the most of sunlight.

14. Treatment at the visit

During the visits, he shows the house without haste, guiding the potential buyer through the instances. It is important, to be honest, and avoid cheating or misrepresenting any kind of flaw or situation. Have all the information of the property available so that the client has things clear and can make the decision as soon as possible.

Organizing the visit and having an order in mind when showing the house is always a plus. Starting in the neighborhood by meeting the person interested in a nearby cafeteria or park can greatly benefit the idea of ​​the house. If you consider that the neighborhood is not one of the strengths, it is best to quote the buyer directly on the home portal.
Information such as services and community fees, common areas: swimming pool, paddle tennis courts … these are data that must be reported and many times they can help us in a very positive way to the sale of the property.

Here you can find very different buyer profiles. They could be divided into 3 types: those who like to see houses, the undecided, and the dominant. The former are generally people who plan to acquire a house in the future but do not know when, where, or not looking for something specific, they simply enjoy looking at houses and imagining themselves in them.

The latter are those who make several visits, always accompanied by someone to advise them. The latter need proof of information. The latter are usually investors, real estate agents, or professionals in the real estate sector. Very informed people who tend to ask very specific questions, looking for a good discount.

15. Management of purchase offers.

Negotiation is a critical part of the home sale process. We should not focus on a price but we must be flexible in that regard. Being able to raise or lower the price depending on the demand and interest generated by your home is a key to the sale.

We must also know what type of paperwork you are going to face when you sell your home as well as, know what documentation you should ask the future buyer: it would not be beneficial to sign a deposit contract without knowing if the buyer is going to be able to finance the purchase of the home. , for instance.
These are the main keys to selling your house. If you make the decision to manage the sale in a particular way, we hope we have been able to help you. Mainly it takes time and effort to get to the sale of the property.

House selling tricks

Even so, there are other types of alternatives that can help you save time and resources when selling your apartment:

What other options do I have to sell my home?

If you follow these tips, you will have a long way to go when it comes to selling your apartment. All you have to do is start the sales process that you can do with or without a real estate agent.

In the event that you have an emergency in the sale of the home, we bring you another solution. At Tajarat we buy your home. We take care of everything from the moment we receive your data through the web form until we deliver the money immediately after the purchase, which on average is managed in 7 days.

In addition, with us, you will not deal with the paperwork involved in this process, which is undoubtedly one of the most tedious parts when selling a property. Since it is our legal team that takes care of all this.

So now you know dear reader, if you are looking to sell your house in Dha Multan as soon as possible, this is the best solution we propose!

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