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10 Typical Mistakes in Buying Essays Students Make



When students aren’t able to solve some of their tasks, they look for some alternatives. One of the most common is to use the help of a writing service. Special writing services really help to cope with any piece of writing. Nevertheless, some students suffer from such alternatives. Many of them are fake companies. The others cannot compose top-quality papers or aren’t able to provide certain conditions. Therefore, don’t be hasty when you see a call-to-action similar to “buy essay now”. Make sure your choice is correct.

There are certain mistakes most students do when they use writing help for the first time. If the choice is wrong, your papers will surely be of low quality. Therefore, our informative guide will come you in handy. It highlights 10 typical mistakes in buying essays.

Ordering without checkup

The first typical mistake to use the help of the first writing company you come across. Before you choose a helping platform, create a shortlist of several options. After you identify potential helpers, verify their reputation. A trustworthy platform should work at least several years and have some official licenses. They ought to be in open access. Attentively study the entire menu to be sure the company provides all the necessary guarantees and conditions.

Besides, you can find a rating on the Internet. It’s commonly made on the basis of independent research conducted by special informative sites. Don’t forget to read customers’ testimonials.

Choosing too cheap services

Don’t go too cheap. Of course, you’d like to save your money. However, you shouldn’t trust prices that are too attractive. If they are much cheaper than the average price on the market, the quality will be low. Stick to moderate price policies.

Paying at once

Never pay the entire sum at once! Remember this simple rule for good. Many dishonest companies ask to make payments beforehand. The results are sad. They either write too long and the orders are of poor quality, or they don’t do anything at all. The best method is to pay part by part.

No compensation guarantees

Many users forget to ensure their investments. If your conditions were accepted, they must be fulfilled as agreed. In case some of them were violated, the money must be returned. Inattentive or forgetful users don’t find out this condition. In the meanwhile, some companies warn that they don’t return the money. Other unfair platforms don’t write a single word about such a possibility. As a result, students receive assignments that do not meet their needs but cannot demand their investments back. Always check this important guarantee.

Hiring unchecked writers

If you hire a writer you don’t know at all, you take a serious risk. Highly reputed platforms provide detailed profiles about their writers. They contain the most important data you need to know.

  • Writer’s majors;
  • Academic possibilities;
  • The speed of execution;
  • The number of successfully written orders;
  • Awards;
  • Average rating;
  • Customers’ reviews, etc.

Attentively review each profile. Thus, you’ll know whether a writer is capable of meeting your requirements. If you hire an expert heedlessly, he/she may not fulfill everything you require.

No customers’ support

Never underestimate the importance of customers’ support. At times, there occur some problems with the interpretation of different policies. Sometimes, students would like to place urgent orders but the website isn’t accessible day and night. Make sure your website functions 24 hours round the clock. Besides, it’s supposed to provide a professional team of support. Consultants ought to provide clear instructions concerning any issue related to their writing company.

Lack of safety guarantees

Some websites don’t really care about the safety of their databases and so, their clients. They don’t use safeguards. Consequently, their databases are vulnerable to different kinds of viruses. Even some dummy hackers will easily access the website and spread your personal information. This condition is frequently overlooked by users. Obligatorily pay attention to the matter of safety.

No customization allowed

Always choose a website, which allows customization of your orders. You should receive full freedom of choice. You have the full right to choose writers if you want. Besides, you are free to customize the demands of your orders. Dishonest websites deprive their clients of such rights. As a result, unsuitable experts complete papers of poor quality and the price is too expensive.

Choosing slow writers

It’s important to submit all papers on time. Therefore, you ought to find a quick writer. Some students never check the speed rating of the chosen expert. He/she may write papers of the highest quality but the process of writing may take too much time. The trustworthy platform provides detailed profiles of their writers. Obligatorily read the entire information and give heed to the quickness of writing.

Plagiarized papers

One of the strictest academic demands is to write only authentic papers. Many inexperienced users don’t check the originality of the orders they receive. They blindly believe that their essays are 100% authentic. There is a high risk you may be fouled. It’s quite easy to verify originality. Use several plagiarism checkers and see the results. If your writer tries to trick you out, the results will be unsatisfactory.

Always keep these mistakes in your head when you intend to use professional help online. Thus, you’ll avoid the pitfall. Just follow some tips to buy essays online. It’s easy to find a trustworthy company if you know how to check it.




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