Jen’s English Tips- Informal Contractions or Slang




Contractions are words that are created by combining words in order to shorten them from their original form. Contractions are used when speaking and when writing in casual situations. Common contractions are words like she’s and don’t and can be both written (informally) and spoken.
Informal contractions or slang often combine with the following words:
+ to
  + you
  + of
  + would have

Informal contractions are contractions that break grammar rules and are only used in very casual speech. Two or even three words could be merged. An apostrophe is often not used.

Using these informal contractions we get new words. The following words are a partial list.

The word Contraction How it’s used

Want to  Wanna  I wanna go to the movies

Bet you Betcha  I betcha can’t eat all that

Give me  Gimme  Gimme that pencil

Don’t you  Dontcha  Why dontcha talk to me

Going to  Gonna  I’m gonna to do that

Let me  Lemme  Lemme do that

Have got a  Gotta  I have gotta see that

Ought to  Oughta  You oughta eat more

Kind of  Kinda  She is kinda pretty

Sort of Sorta What sorta car is that

What are you doing  Watcha  Whatcha doing

Come on  Cmon  Cmon it’s time to go

You  Ya  have ya got any money

Some more Smore I want smore icecream

Am not, is not, are not  Aint  I aint going

Must have  Musta  I musta forgot

Lot of  Lotta  I don’t have a lotta money

Might have  Mighta  I mighta had one beer too many

Would have  Wouldof  I wouldof if you had asked me



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