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What Types of Cannabis Seeds Exist?



What are Cannabis Seeds and What Happens if you Eat Them?

Cannabis is a natural product made from a plant, and it can be grown at home. Growers can start plans from a “clone” or a seedling, but the best place to start is from the cannabis seed. New growers may be confused with all of the options when growing cannabis, especially with seeds. Marijuana is an annual plant, and it germinates, grows, flowers, and dies each year. Marijuana is also dioecious, having both male and female plants. There are three types of cannabis seeds: regular, feminized, and autoflowering. Continue reading for a better understanding of these three cannabis seed types.

Regular Seeds

Cannabis plants are either female or male. Regular seeds are the most common of the marijuana seed varieties. Regular seeds are mixed, meaning there will be some male and some female. Regular seeds are the least expensive, but only about half will be female and go on to produce flowers. Male plants are not as desirable. They can be used for collecting pollen, experimenting with breeding, or making new strains. Regular seeds are also “photoperiod” seeds, and growers must give them proper amounts of light and darkness in order for them to grow well.

Regular plants are a good choice for experienced growers interested in selective breeding. However, it can take 3-4 weeks to determine whether a seedling is a male or a female. So, growers in a hurry may not want to choose regular seeds.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are almost all female, so they all produce marijuana plants. Feminized seeds are gathered from a female plant that has been engineered to produce pollen. These seeds produce pollen through intense heat, light, or lack of access to male plants.

These now self-pollinating plants will only produce female seeds. They are a bit more expensive, but growers know that every seed should give them a marijuana plant. Growers don’t need to begin growing plants and then separate the males from the females.

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering seeds produce the ruderalis strain of cannabis. These seeds are very hearty and can survive in harsh environments. They also do not need specific light requirements to germinate and flower. This is what makes them known as autoflowering seeds.

Which One to Choose

Growers who are new to the hobby or who aren’t sure that they want to commit to growing long-term might want to choose regular seeds. They come in various strains, are the cheapest, and are easy to find. If the new grower makes a mistake, there isn’t much lost, and they can try again.

Feminized seeds are more expensive than regular seeds, but the benefit is that the males don’t need to be separated once the plants start flowering. Growers that don’t feel confident guessing the gender of plants may want to choose feminized plants.

Growers who live in climates that are not typically ideal for growing plants may be interested in autoflowering plants. They are much easier to grow. While regular and feminized seeds are photoperiod strains (they flower when exposure to light goes away), autoflowering seeds flower automatically 3-4 weeks after being planted. Growers with indoor garden set-ups prefer this choice because they don’t have to rely on artificial lights.

Growing cannabis is a relatively simple process, and anyone can do it. Learning the different kinds of cannabis seeds is the first step in understanding how to grow marijuana.


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