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Weight Training Should Be Combined With Another Activity



Weight Training Should Be Combined With Another Activity

(CTN News) – Weight training may reduce the risk of early death as part of your fitness regimen, according to a new study.

Even though aerobic exercises and weight training have health benefits on their own, combining the two could have even greater benefits in preventing disease and reducing the risk of premature death.

According to a study published Tuesday in the British Journal of Sports Medicine,

People who lift weights once or twice per week and participate in the recommended amount of aerobic activities have a 41 percent lower risk of dying early.

The risk of early death from any cause was reduced by 22% among older adults who conducted weight training without any aerobic activity, a percentage based on the number of times they lifted weights within a week.

Lifting weights once or twice weekly resulted in a 14% lower risk of death, and this benefit increased with increasing weight lifting frequency.

Education, smoking status, body mass index, race and ethnicity did not influence the findings, but sex did – the associations were stronger among women.

Momma emphasized that this is one of the most important points of the study. The number of studies conducted in older adults is limited.

According to the authors, muscle-strengthening activities such as weight training and aerobic activities are good for your joints in amounts that align with current recommendations.

Older adults (65 and up) should exercise 150 to 300 minutes a week, or 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous exercise.

You can do aerobic activities like walking, dancing, running, cycling, and swimming.

Ideally, muscle-strengthening exercises should be done twice a week. Those can prevent falls and injuries, as well as bone loss and decline.

Exercises you can do for 30 to 60 minutes include dead lifts, overhead dumbbell presses, and dumbbell lateral raises, where you lift light dumbbells so that your arms and body form a T.

Authors didn’t know what exercises participants did for weight training or aerobics.

She said via email, “There was no information about training intensity, training load, or volume (sets and repetitions).

Therefore, it’s hard to know how to prescribe muscle-strengthening exercises to prevent mortality.

This limitation applies to all studies of muscle-strengthening exercise epidemiology.”

Researchers did have some ideas about how exercise might prevent disease and early death.

Strength training can improve body composition or lean muscle mass, which is linked to a lower risk of dying early from any cause.

What are 4 types of weight training styles?

The four different types of strength training are:


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