Want To Know All About Nebido 250Mg Ml?
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Want To Know All About Nebido 250Mg Ml?



Nebido 250Mg Ml

Nebido 250 mg has testosterone, a male hormone that is an active component. Nebido is introduced into the muscles of the body. It is then stored and then released slowly over time. Adults use Nebido to replace testosterone to treat various health issues due to a deficiency in testosterone (male hypogonadism).

The injections need to be administered gradually (over 2 minutes). Nebido 250mg is only to be administered intramuscularly. Be careful when injecting Nebido deep into the muscle, following the standard procedures for intramuscular injection. To avoid intranasal injections, particular care should be taken. The contents of an ampoule or vial must be administered intramuscularly within a few minutes of opening.


Nebido is not recommended for use in men with Nebido is not advised for use in males who are:

  • Androgen-dependent cancer that originates from the prostate, the male mammary gland.
  • Present Or Past Liver Tumors
  • Hypersensitivity or sensitization to the active ingredient or any substances.

Nebido is a contraindication use Nebido for women is not recommended.

Special Cautions and Warnings

Nebido cannot be recommended for teens and children. Nebido should only be considered when hypogonadism is evident and if a different underlying cause responsible for the symptoms is eliminated before treatment is initiated. Testosterone insufficiency must be apparent by the clinical signs (regression of sexual characteristics that are secondary and changes the body’s composition, asthenia, diminished libido, erectile dysfunction, etc.) and verified with two different testosterone tests in the blood.

Reactions Adverse

Concerning the adverse effects of using androgens, be sure to refer to the precautions. The most commonly reported negative results of the treatment process with Nebido are the appearance of acne and pain at the injection site.

The table below lists adverse drug reactions (ADRs) caused by the MedDRA class of organs in the MedDRA system (MedDRA SOCs) reported using Nebido. The frequency is determined from clinical trial data and classified by Common (>=1/100 up to <1/10) and Uncommon (>1:1000 to 1/100). The ADRs were analyzed in 6 clinical trials (N=422) and were considered possible to be causally linked to Nebido.

Interactions with Drugs Interactions

  • Interactions can occur with medications that trigger microsomal enzymes that cause an increase in the elimination of testosterone.
  • The serum levels of oxyphenbutazone have been increased. Have been observed.
  • Testosterone and its derivatives are known to boost the activity of oral anticoagulants based on coumarin. Patients who take oral anticoagulants need strict monitoring, particularly towards the end or beginning of the treatment. More excellent monitoring of prothrombin duration, as well as INR measurements is suggested.
  • Androgens can increase the effects of blood sugar, reducing insulin. Thus, the dosage of hypoglycaemic agents might need to be reduced.

Pregnancy and Lactation

It is not appropriate.

Dosage and Directions for Use

Nebido 250 mg ml (1 ampoule/vial, equivalent to 1,000 mg of testosterone) is administered every 10 and 14 weeks. The injections given at this frequency will maintain adequate testosterone levels, and they do not cause accumulation. The injections should be administered slowly. Nebido is only meant for intramuscular injection. It is essential to take special care to avoid injections via intranasal.

Beginning of treatment

Testosterone levels in the serum must be assessed before the beginning of treatment. The first time interval for injections could be decreased to six weeks. This loading dose will ensure that steady-state levels will be achieved rapidly.

Individualized treatment

It is advised to periodically check the testosterone serum levels at the end of each injection interval. The presence of groups that are not normal could suggest the need for shorter injection intervals. An extended injection interval might be offered if you have elevated serum levels. The duration of the injections should be within the recommended interval of 10-14 weeks.

Frequently Ask Questions

How long will a Nebido treatment last?

Following the administration by Nebido (r), the testosterone levels remain within the normal levels for around twelve weeks. So, just four injections per year are needed for long-term testosterone therapy.

How often do you get Nebido being given?

One ampoule or vial from nebido 250mg ml is administered every 10-14 weeks. The injections given at this frequency can maintain adequate testosterone levels and don’t result in accumulation.

Is Nebido safe?

Nebido injections are not recommended for children or adolescents younger than 18. The medicine is not suitable when you have an allergy to its components. Be sure to inform your doctor or pharmacist if you have been through an allergic reaction.

What is the half-life of Nebido?

Nebido is a long undecanoic acid. The half-life of the ester is about 90 days, and stability is reached in about 45 days. Due to the lengthy-acting nature of this chemical, it is recommended to load the dose after six weeks.

Where can people inject Nebido?

The preferred location for injections intramuscular can be found in it is the gluteus medius muscles located in the upper quadrant of the buttock.


This is why nebido 250 can be highly effective in treating sexual dysfunction and other problems due to hypogonadism. Nebido is not associated with severe side effects. However, the clinically significant increase in PSA level is a reason to stop treatment and more careful urological examination.


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