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Parents Refusing to Vaccinate Young Children in Thailand



Parents Fear COVID-19 Vaccinating Children

Many parents in Thailand are not taking their children to be vaccinated for covid-19 because they are concerned about the possible side effects.

Parents’ confidence in vaccinations for children aged 5-11 was surveyed between April 22nd and May 11th.

Health Services Department Director-General Suwanchai Wattanayingcharoenchai said a survey conducted by the department indicated 54.1% of children aged 5-11 received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine and are on their way to receiving their second.

According to the survey, 77.2% of parents worry that their children may suffer serious side effects. There is a lack of confidence in the effectiveness and safety of vaccines among 55.3% of the respondents, and 37% of respondents are concerned that kids not in good health or with underlying diseases may suffer serious side effects.

In addition, Dr. Suwanchai said the vaccines generate immunity that will safeguard young children against developing serious and sometimes fatal symptoms from COVID-19 infection and enable them to return to school.

He advised parents who are still doubtful about COVID-19 vaccines to take their kids for inoculations.

Post-COVID-19 vaccination symptoms of Adults and Children

He said, if the child is sick, has a fever, or is fatigued, they should be treated first. A doctor should assess kids who have serious underlying diseases or are in an unstable condition before vaccination.

Post-COVID-19 vaccination symptoms include swelling at injection sites, headache, and fatigue, so inoculated individuals have to wait at the vaccination site for at least 30 minutes after vaccination to monitor their symptoms.

The doctor also said that most of the post-COVID-19 vaccination symptoms can be reduced with medications and that they should get adequate rest for a week after the vaccination.

Moderna’s Spikevax has recently been approved for extended use by the Thai Food and Drug Administration. For children aged 5 to 11, two 0.25ml doses are recommended, half the adult dosage, with a four-week interval between the first and second doses.

Thailand approves mRNA Vaccines for Children 5-11

As of February, Thailand offered COVID-19 vaccines to children aged 5 to 11. Parents, however, are concerned about the vaccine’s short- and long-term health effects.

To determine whether the vaccine will protect their kids against the virus or the virus itself, parents must determine which is more harmful.

Thailand’s Public Health Ministry recommends that kids aged 5 to 11 get two doses of Pfizer in an 8-week interval, with the dosage specially prepared (10 mcg/dose).

The Department of Disease Control advises teachers and parents to watch vaccines’ side effects. They should seek medical treatment as soon as possible if they notice any unusual symptoms. Getting kids vaccinated against COVID-19 is important.

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