US STD Rates Spiked During The Pandemic. Now They're Going Up.


US STD Rates Spiked During the Pandemic. Now They’re Going Up.



(CTN News) _ The CDC STD Surveillance Data for 2021 shows sharply rising STD rates, including 26 percent increase in syphilis.

For years, STDS infection rates have been rising.

The number of syphilis cases in 2021 reached its highest level since 1948 (when Harry Truman was president). HIV cases increased by 16 percent last year.

Leandro Mena, director of the CDC’s Division of STD Prevention, told a medical conference yesterday that we must rebuild, innovate, and expand STD prevention in the US.

A COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing, and monkeypox is on the rise.

There is some debate over whether monkeypox should be considered an STD, despite the fact that it is not technically an STD.

UC Los Angeles monkeypox researcher Anne Rimoin believes categorizing monkeypox as sexual or non-sexual is oversimplifying the disease.

The virus spreads through sexual contact, but that does not make it an STI.

According to a report released last week on STD spread, “Monkeypox is engulfing these programs and disrupting our ability to diagnose and treat other STIs.

” Director Harvey said funding for safety net clinics is inadequate.

Untreated syphilis can cause symptoms and death.

Antibiotics helped reduce new cases in the 1940s. In order to eliminate syphilis, the CDC launched a plan after infection rates dropped to fewer than 7,000 cases.

Cases began to rise by 2002, mostly among men who had sex with men. CDC’s elimination campaign ended in 2013 due to limited funding and 17 000 cases.

Congenital syphilis is also on the rise. Babies born to infected mothers can be deaf or blind or die as a result of this form of the disease.

Last year, nearly 2,700 congenital syphilis cases were reported, up from 300 ten years ago.

Mena reports that 211 of these cases resulted in stillbirths or infant deaths last year.

There are many reasons for the rise in STDs such as syphilis and HIV.

Lack of funding has hampered prevention and testing efforts. COVID-19 may have exacerbated the spread because of delayed diagnosis and treatment.

According to the CDC, drug and alcohol abuse contribute to risky sexual behavior.

Sexual activity increased after COVID-19 lockdowns. It feels liberating, he said.

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